Mlada (1872)

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Mlada (1872)
Scenes from a Collaborative Opera-Ballet by César Cui, Modest Musorgskii, Nikolai Rimskii-Korsakov, and Aleksandr Borodin

Edited by Albrecht Gaub

N067 Mlada (1872)
978-0-89579-829-9 Full Score (2016) 9x12, xlviii + 477 pp.
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The opera-ballet Mlada was commissioned in 1872 by Stepan Gedeonov, director of the imperial theatres in St. Petersburg, Russia. Collaboratively taken on by five composers—César Cui, Modest Musorgskii, Nikolai Rimskii-Korsakov, Aleksandr Borodin, and Ludwig Minkus—it was left unfinished. Some of the music was never written or has been lost, while most of what survives exists only in short score. For the first time, the surviving original scenes and numbers of Mlada are now published in their entirety, including reconstructions of two incompletely transmitted numbers that render acts and 1 and 4 complete. This edition thus turns Mlada, this “phantom of an opera,” into something palpable, something that will change our understanding of the music derived from it, such as the bulk of Borodin’s Prince Igor and some of the scenes from Musorgskii’s Sorochintsy Fair and Rimskii-Korsakov’s May Night.
Mlada (1872)
Act 1
1. Chorus of Court Maidens
2. Song of Voislava
3. Scene of Voislava and Mstivoi
4. Arioso of Voislava
5. Duet of Voislava and Sviatokhna (Morena)
6. Arrival of Iaromir
7. Trio
8. Recitative
[9. Ballet; omitted]
10. Parting Scene—Apparition of Lada
11. Lullaby
12a. First Dream of Iaromir
12b. Second Dream of Iaromir
13. Aria of Iaromir
14. Chorus of Hunters
Act 2
1. Market Scene
2. Fist Fight
[3. Song of Lumír; omitted]
4. March of the Princes and Priests
5a. Recitative of the Priest
5b. Chorus during the Oracle
[remainder of act omitted]
Act 3
1. Flight of the Shadows
[remainder of act omitted]
Act 4
1. Chorus of the Idolaters for Radegast
2. Duet of Iaromir and the Priest
3. Apparitions of the Shadows
4. Duet of Voislava and Iaromir
5. Apparition of Morena
6. Flood, Storm, Destruction of the Temple, etc.
7. Apparition of Mlada
8. Apotheosis