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Moduli undecim festorum

Moduli undecim festorum
Edited by J. Heywood Alexander
Moduli undecim festorum
Full Score (1983)
8.5x11, xx + 85 pp.

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This collection of Latin motets, one each for eleven major festivals of the church year, was first published in Paris in 1554 by Nicolas du Chemin. These pieces, by Certon, Gardane, Gombert, Goudimel (who helped du Chemin edit the set), Maillard, and Villefond, present an overview of sacred music in the French capital during the reign of Henry II.
Homo quidam (In die festo Corporis Christi), Pierre Certon
Ecce ego Johannes (In die festo Omnium Sanctorum), Pierre Certon
Suscipiens Jesum (In die festo Purificatione Beatae Mariae), Antoine Gardane
Surge Petre (De Sancto Petro), Nicolas Gombert
Gabriel angelus (In die festo Sancto Johannis baptistae), Claude Goudimel
Ista est speciosa (De Beata Maria), Claude Goudimel
Hodie nobis (In die festo Nativitatis Domini), Claude Goudimel
Videntes stellam (In die Epiphaniae Domini), Claude Goudimel
Victimae paschali laudes (In die Paschae), Jean Maillard
Ascendo ad patrem (In die Ascensionis), Jean Maillard
Si quis diligit me (In die Pentecostes), Ville Font ( = Villefond)
John Milsom, Music & Letters, July 1985;  Allen B. Skei, Notes, June 1985
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