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Monophonic Tropes and Conductus of W1

Monophonic Tropes and Conductus of W1
Edited by Jann Cosart
Monophonic Tropes and Conductus of W1
Full Score (2007)
3, xxxi +38 pp.

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The tenth fascicle of W1 (Wolfenb├╝ttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Cod. Guelf. 628 Helmst.), tucked away near the end of the manuscript, transmits an unusual collection of sacred liturgical chant, the only monophonic music in a manuscript otherwise devoted to Notre Dame polyphony. It contains three conductus and twelve tropes for mass Ordinary chants: six on the Sanctus and six on the Agnus Dei. Over half of the texts and all but two of the melodies are unica, and the tropes are strikingly melismatic in comparison with other contemporary tropes. The edition includes a critical discussion of both the music and texts, translations of the poetry, and a study of rhythm and performance practice. This volume is the first complete edition of the monophonic repertoire of W1.
1. Quomodo cantabimus
2. Ve mundo a scandalis
3. In Rama sonat gemitus
Sanctus Tropes
4. Sanctus Christe yerarchia
5. Sanctus Rex qui cuncta regis
6. Sanctus Omnia qui libras
7. Sanctus Cunctorum dominans
8. Sanctus Condita de nichilo
9. Sanctus Sanctus ab eterno
Agnus Tropes
10. Agnus Archetipi mundi
11. Agnus Pectoris alta
12. Agnus Qui de virgineo
13. Agnus Lux lucis
14. Agnus Humano generi
15. Agnus Vulnere quorum
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