Motets by Emperor Ferdinand III et al.

Series: Collegium Musicum: Yale University  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Motets by Emperor Ferdinand III and Other Musicians from the Habsburg Court, 1637-1657

Edited by Andrew H. Weaver

Y2-018 Motets by Emperor Ferdinand III et al.
978-0-89579-744-5 Full Score (2012) 9x12, xxxiv + 243 pp.
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Instrumental Part(s) (2012)
Part (b.c.)

Instrumental Part(s) (2012)
Set of 9 parts (vn. 1; vn. 2; vn. 3; tr. viol 1; tr. viol 2; t. viol 1; t. viol 2; b. viol; b.c.)

Instrumental Part(s) (2012)
Set of 7 parts (rec. 1; rec. 2; rec. 3; tpt. 1; tpt. 2; tpt. 3; b.c.)

Instrumental Part(s)
Set of 3 parts (ctto.; bn.; b.c.)

Instrumental Part(s) (2012)
Set of 10 parts (vn. 1; vn. 2; ctto. 1; ctto. 2; a. tbn.; t. tbn. 1; t. tbn. 2; b. tbn.; bn.; b.c.)
Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III was not only a lavish patron of music but also a talented composer. This edition gathers together for the first time all thirteen of the emperor’s surviving motets, together with motets by other composers from the imperial chapel, including Giovanni Valentini, Antonio Bertali, Giovanni Felice Sances, and the lesser-known Wolfgang Ebner and Georg Pichelmair. Ferdinand’s motets display his solid compositional technique, grounded in Italianate styles and colored by adventurous harmonies. Placing the emperor’s works alongside those of other imperial composers allows for comparisons between Ferdinand’s music and that of his teachers and mentors. The works are for one to twelve voices (some with ripieno choir), and many include parts for two to eight obbligato instruments. In addition to typical mid-seventeenth-century combinations, some works feature unusual performing forces, including four motets for solo bass (with and without obbligato instruments) and one for seven sopranos and two violins.
Motets and Hymns by Emperor Ferdinand III
1. Miserere (3 Sopranos, 3 Altos, 3 Tenors, 3 Basses, Basso continuo)
2. Popule meus (AT, Basso continuo)
3. Ave maris stella (Violin, Tenor Viol, SA, Basso continuo)
4. Jesu corona Virginum (4 Viols, S, Basso continuo)
5. Iste Confessor (3 Violins, TB, Basso continuo)
6. Jesu Redemptor omnium (3 Recorders, 3 Trumpets, SATB, Basso continuo)
7. Deus, tuorum militum (Cornetto, Bassoon, SB, Basso continuo)
8. Crudelis Herodes (5 Viols, SATB, Basso continuo)
9. Egregie Doctor Paule (2 Violins, Bass Viol, AT, Basso continuo)
10. Humanae salutis sator (2 Violins, 2 Cornetti, 4 Trombones, SATB, Basso continuo)
11. Veni Creator Spiritus (3 Viols, SSATTB, Basso continuo)
12. Pange lingua (5 Viols, SATB, Basso continuo)
13. Deus misereatur nostri (SSATTB, Basso continuo)
Motets by Composers from Ferdinand’s Court
14. O felix Maria, Giovanni Valentini (S solo, SATB, Basso continuo)
15. In te Domine speravi, Valentini (2 Violins, B, Basso continuo)
16. Exultate et cantate, Antonio Bertali (SAB, Basso continuo)
17. O Domina gloriae, Giovanni Felice Sances (B, Basso continuo)
18. O dulcis Virgo Virginum, Sances (B, Basso continuo)
19. Miserere servorum tuorum, Sances (ATB, Basso continuo)
20. Excita furorem, et memento belli, Sances (SATB, Basso continuo)
21. Delectare in Domino, Wolfgang Ebner  (2 Violins, B, Basso continu
22. Canite tuba in Sion, Georg Pichelmair (2 Violins, 7 Sopranos, Basso continuo)