Motets for Saint Cecilia, 1540–1610

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Motets for Saint Cecilia, 1540–1610

Edited by John A. Rice

R175 Motets for Saint Cecilia, 1540–1610
978-1-9872-0824-5 Full Score (2022) 8.5x11, xxvii + 262 pp.
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Beginning in the sixteenth century, many of Europe’s greatest musicians as well as many whom we know less well wrote motets in honor of Saint Cecilia. The trend started in the north: until the 1560s, composers of Cecilian motets were mostly active in northern France and the Netherlands. The present anthology, a companion to the editor’s recently published book, Saint Cecilia in the Renaissance: The Emergence of a Musical Icon (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2022), includes works that have not yet been published in modern editions or that have been published in performing editions or in critical editions that have not circulated widely. The motets range chronologically from 1542 to 1610, geographically from Antwerp and Paris to Prague and Rome, and in number of voices from four to sixteen. The anthology includes several polychoral works and two so-called “picture motets,” miniature motets written for (and preserved in) engravings that show Cecilia making music with angels.
1. Cantantibus organis, Pierre Certon, 4vv
2. Cecilia virgo gloriosa, Pierre Certon, 4vv
3. Domine Jesu Christe, Antoine de Mornable, 5vv
4. Dum aurora finem daret, Anonymous, 8vv
5. O beata Cecilia, Ludovicus Episcopius, 5vv
6. Dum aurora finem daret, Jacob Bultel, 5vv
7. Ceciliae laudes celebremus, Antonius Galli, 4vv
8. Virgo gloriosa Cecilia, Josquin Baston, 6vv
9. Cantantibus organis, Daniel Torquet, 8vv
10. Cecilia in corde suo, Jean de Chaynée, 4vv
11. Cantantibus organis, Alexander Utendal, 6vv
12. Cantantibus organis, Séverin Cornet, 5vv
13. Fiat cor meum, Daniel Raymundi, 5vv
14. Domine fiant anima mea, Cornelis Schuyt, 6vv
15. Benedicta es, virgo Cecilia, François Gallet, 6vv
16. Dum aurora finem daret, Ferdinand di Lasso, 6vv
17. Cantantibus organis, Rinaldo del Mel, 6vv
18. Cantantibus organis, Franz Sales, 5vv
19. O virgo generosa, Jan van Turnhout, 8vv in two choirs
20. Psallite cantantes Domino, Francesco Bianciardi, 6vv
21. Cantantibus organis, Francesco Bianciardi, 8vv in two choirs
22. Domine Jesu Christe, pastor bone, Francesco Bianciardi, 6vv
23. Dum aurora finem daret, Pierre Bonhomme, 9vv in two choirs
24. Cantantibus organis, Gasparo Villani, 16vv in four choirs