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Murcia: Cifras selectas de guitarra

Murcia: Cifras selectas de guitarra
Santiago de Murcia
Cifras selectas de guitarra
Edited by Alejandro Vera
This edition includes a supplement, sold separately.

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This edition presents a detailed study and transcription of the manuscript “Cifras selectas de guitarra” (1722) of Santiago de Murcia (1673–1739), as well as a complete facsimile provided separately. While the study contributes new information about Murcia and fresh perspectives on the circulation of baroque guitar music, particularly between Spain and the New World, the facsimile and transcription are intended to allow performance of the works in the collection by both baroque and modern guitarists. This source, found by the editor in Santiago, Chile, during research undertaken between September 2003 and August 2004, supplies a good number of new pieces, as well as alternative versions of others included in Murcia’s previously-discovered sources—namely, the manuscripts ‎‎“Passacalles y obras de guitarra” (1732) and “Códice Saldívar no. 4,” and the print ‎‎Resumen de acompañar la parte con la guitarra (1714).
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