Neapolitan Lute Music

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Neapolitan Lute Music
Fabrizio Dentice, Giulio Severino, Giovanni Antonio Severino, Francesco Cardone

Edited by John Griffiths, Dinko Fabris

R140 Neapolitan Lute Music
978-0-89579-566-3 Full Score (2004) 8.5x11, xxi + 181 pp.
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Both the lute and the viola da mano were widely played in Naples throughout the sixteenth century, but only a small amount of music has been preserved in tablature sources. This edition gathers together the lute music of Neapolitan lutenists active in the second half of the sixteenth century, predominantly by the nobleman Fabrizio Dentice and his imitator Giulio Severino, both of whom were also known as composers of vocal polyphony. The majority of their surviving lute music comprises ricercars and fantasias that show a strong blend of both Italian and Spanish influences in their distinctive Neapolitan character. The music is written in a dense polyphonic style and both the quantity of the works and the skill required to play them are testimony to the virtuosity of its creators.
11 fantasias by Fabrizio Dentice
Fantasia del primo tono per gesolreut, Fabrizio Dentice
Recercata, Fabrizio Dentice
Volta de Spagna, Fabrizio Dentice
Recercata, Fabrizio Dentice / [Giulio Severino?]
Fantasia, Fabrizio Dentice / [Giulio Severino?]
Gagliarda Bella, [Fabrizio] Dentice / [Diomedes Cato?]
3 fantasias by Giulio Severino
Fantasia del sesto tono, Giulio Severino
Canzon francese, Giulio Severino
Da poi che vidi vostra falsa fede, Palestrina, arr. Giulio Severino
Fantasia sopra Susane un jour, Giulio Severino
Fantasia, Giovanni Antonio Severino
Fuga, Francesco Cardone
Canto llano & Contrapunto sobre el Canto llano, Francesco Cardone
5 fantasias by Fabrizio Dentice / [Melchior Newsidler?]
Ricercar, Fabrizio Dentice
Tim Crawford, Early Music, Feb. 2006.