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C095 coverLiedersammlung für Kinder und Kinderfreunde am Clavier (1791)
(ed. David J. Buch)

C095  ISBN: 978-0-89579-791-9 lxxi + 167 pp. Full Score (2014)

Feature Article By David J. Buch

The research that resulted in A-R Editions’ publication of the Liedersammlung für Kinder und Kinderfreunde am Clavier (1791; C095), the collection for which Mozart wrote his last three songs (K. 596–98), was personally gratifying in several ways. What started in the late 1990s as an attempt to identify the eleven named composers of the sixty songs in these two volumes devoted to the spring and winter seasons (entitled Frühlingslieder and Winterlieder, respectively) led to the discovery of the identity of editor of the collection, Placidus Partsch. Composed by Mozart, Wenzel Müller, Johann Baptist Wanhal, and other Viennese composers of the late eighteenth century, the songs bring to mind the style characteristics of contemporary popular Viennese comic opera and cover a wide spectrum of technical abilities and ranges.

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New Publication: Keyboard Music by Otto Dresel

Monday, September 28, 2015 3:11:35 PM America/Chicago

Otto Dresel: Keyboard Music
Edited by David Francis Urrows

This edition contains all ten of Otto Dresel's original piano works, three pieces for organ, and a representative selection of his arrangements and transcriptions for solo piano.
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New Publication: Motets from the 1560s

Monday, September 28, 2015 3:10:41 PM America/Chicago

Gioseffo Zarlino: Motets from the 1560s

Seventeen Motets from Modulationes sex vocum and Motetta D. Cipriani de Rore et aliorum auctorum Cover Image

Edited by Cristle Collins Judd and Katelijne Schiltz
This volume presents seventeen motets by Gioseffo Zarlino (1517–90) published in 1563 and 1566. Four of the motets, from a 1563 Venetian anthology, are four-voice settings a voci pari (for equal voices), with three based on texts from the Office of the Dead. The other thirteen motets comprised Zarlino’s second book of motets, the Modulationes sex vocum (1566). They are for six or (in one case) seven voices and set a range of liturgical and biblical texts, include canons, and explore a wide range of compositional techniques for canonic writing.
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New Publication: Pueri concinite by Johann Herbeck

Monday, September 28, 2015 3:09:40 PM America/Chicago

Johann Herbeck: Pueri concinite
A Christmas Song for Tenor, SATB Chorus,
Two Horns, and String Orchestra

Edited by William E. Hettrick

“Pueri concinite” has proved to be Herbeck’s best-known and best-loved work. This edition is the first to present the piece in its original orchestration with complete scholarly apparatus and choral score included.
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Featured Publication: Manuel García’s Un avvertimento ai gelosi (ed. Teresa Radomski)

N065 cover

Manuel del Pópulo Vicente Rodríguez García (b. 1775, Seville; d. 1832, Paris) is widely recognized as one of opera history’s greatest tenors. Although his place in history has been secured by his renown as a performer and teacher, he was also an extremely prolific composer; his five chamber operas, composed in 1830–31, effectively illustrate the ample artistic requirements of early nineteenth-century singers. Un avvertimento ai gelosi, a one-act farsa giocosa with a small cast and piano accompaniment, was composed as a teaching piece for García’s students and features a humorous plot, charming arias, virtuosic fireworks, and a wide variety of dazzling ensembles that will still delight today’s singers and audiences.

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New Publication: Vespers for the Feast of the Assumption by Nicola Porpora

Friday, August 28, 2015 3:40:58 PM America/Chicago

Nicola Porpora: Vespers for the Feast of the Assumption Cover Image
A Reconstruction of the 1744 Service at the Ospedaletto in Venice

Edited by Kurt Markstrom

This edition recreates Porpora's vespers music for the feast of the Assumption in 1744 at the Ospedaletto in Venice by bringing together his settings of the five psalms of the Marian cursus and the Magnificat canticle, along with two settings of the Marian antiphon Salve Regina. Its scoring for an all-female choir consisting of divided sopranos and altos—the typical choral forces employed in the ospedali at this time—makes it a rare specimen of liturgical music composed expressly for the Venetian figliole.

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New Publication: Complete Madrigals, Part 2 by Giovanni Maria Nanino

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 10:18:33 AM America/Chicago

Giovanni Maria Nanino: Complete Madrigals, Part 2
Edited by Christina Boenicke and Anthony Newcomb

Giovanni Maria Nanino (1543/44–1607) was one of the most important musicians of late-sixteenth-century Rome. It is especially in the madrigal that one can admire Nanino’s ability to bring together traditional stylistic elements of the mid-century madrigal with elements of the modern styles of the early seicento. This volume includes the book of madrigals published in 1581 with Annibale Stabile, together with those madrigals by Nanino published only in anthologies in the years 1574–86.

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New Publication: Complete Anthems by John Goss

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 9:48:50 AM America/Chicago

John Goss: Complete Anthems
Edited by Iain Quin

This edition of the anthems of John Goss (1800–1880) includes a large number of works that have been unavailable beyond their initial nineteenth-century printing. The anthems range from short works in hymnbook format to expansive anthems in choral score frequently employing verse and solo sections. Today his works afford performers fine setting of texts that are easily applicable to liturgies of our own time, whether large or small, across multiple denominations.
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New Publication: Music from the Paris Conservatoire

Monday, May 11, 2015 2:04:41 PM America/Chicago

New contest and concert pieces for woodwinds and brass now available!

Music from the Paris Conservatoire
Edited by James R. Briscoe

S Cover

  • Works by the great teachers at the Paris Conservatoire in the 19th and early 20th centuries: Debussy, Fauré, Pierné, Saint-Saëns, Taffanel, Widor, and others.
  • Essential repertory pieces along with hard-to-find works in new, corrected editions.
  • An invaluable source of recital and jury repertoire for instrumental studios.
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New Publication: Balinese Shadow Play Music

Thursday, April 23, 2015 12:34:23 PM America/Chicago

OT012Gender Wayang Music of Bapak I Wayan Loceng from Sukawati, Bali
A Musical Biography, Musical Ethnography, and Critical Edition

Edited by Brita Renée Heimarck

This edition documents nine compositions from the esteemed Balinese gender wayang or shadow play repertoire. The music documented derives from the musical mastery of Bapak I Wayan Loceng (1926–2006), arguably the most renowned gender wayang expert in Bali, who lived in the village of Sukawati. This edition will introduce the reader to pertinent scholarly perspectives, offer biographical information pertaining to Bapak I Wayan Loceng, delineate the cultural concepts and contexts for performance and background of the shadow play tradition in Bali, and clarify key aspects of the music itself.

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