Notari: Collected Works

Angelo Notari
Collected Works

Edited by Jonathan P. Wainwright

SET176 Notari: Collected Works
This publication is a set of three volumes and one part set, each sold separately.
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B230 Notari: Collected Works, Part 1
B231 Notari: Collected Works, Part 2
B232 Notari: Collected Works, Part 3
B230-32P Notari: Pieces with Obbligato Instruments (PARTS)
These volumes bring together, for the first time in a critical edition, the complete music of Angelo Notari (1566/1573–1663), an Italian musician who worked in England from 1611. An important aspect of this edition is the inclusion of a large corpus of works newly attributed to Notari. This music appears in two surviving manuscripts (a score book and a fragmentary set of parts) copied by Notari and a set of manuscript parts copied by a London associate, Stephen Bing. The sources are examined in detail, and the reasoning for the attributions is made clear. The edition also includes a number of arrangements of music by other composers that appear in the Notari manuscripts; these range from ornamented versions and variant readings to reworkings that together represent the full gamut of compositional practice in the late sixteenth century and in the first half of the seventeenth century.