O'Keeffe and Shield: The Poor Soldier (1783)

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The Poor Soldier (1783)
John O'Keeffe and William Shield

Edited by William Brasmer, William Osborne

A006 O'Keeffe and Shield: The Poor Soldier (1783)
978-0-89579-103-0 Full Score (1978) 9x12, xiii + 82 pp.
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Eighteen lilting airs and a melodious overture complement the action in The Poor Soldier, a comic opera by John O'Keefe and William Shield that was the most popular afterpiece in late-eighteenth-century theater. This newly edited version is based on five scores of the period and fourteen libretti. The Poor Soldier will delight modern audiences as much as it did George Washington.
    1. Overture
Act I
  Scene I
    2. Sleep on, sleep on (Dermot)
    3. Dear Kathleen (Darby)
    4. Since love is the plan (Kathleen)
    5. Out of my sight (Kathleen, Darby)
    6. The twins of Latona (Fitzroy)
    7. The meadows look cheerful (Norah)
  Scene II
    8. How happy the soldier (Patrick)
    9. The wealthy fool (Patrick)
  Scene III
    10. A rose tree (Patrick, Norah)
Act II
  Scene I
    11. Dermot’s welcome as the May (Kathleen)
    12. Though late I was plump (Darby)
    13. Farewell ye groves (Norah)
    14. Though Leixlip is proud (Patrick)
  Scene II
    15. Dear sir, this brown jug (Dermot)
    16. You know I’m your priest (Father Luke)
    17. You the point may carry (Kathleen, Dermot, Darby, Father Luke)
  Scene III
    18. Since Kathleen (Darby)
  Scene IV
    19. Finale (Fitzroy, Patrick, Darby, Dermot)
Roger Fiske, Music & Letters, 1981