Orchestral Lieder (1815-1890)

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Orchestral Lieder (1815-1890)

Edited by Timothy J. Roden

N044 Orchestral Lieder (1815-1890)
978-0-89579-618-9 Full Score (2007) 9x12, xxi + 142 pp.

Performance Parts

Rental Parts (2012)
Set of 33 parts: 1022 2000 66443 pf., S solo, obbl. vn.

Rental Parts (2012)
Set of 50 parts: 2222 2230 timp., harp 88664 voice solo

Rental Parts (2012)
Set of 49 parts: 3222 3200 timp., harp 88664 B/Bar solo

Rental Parts (2012)
Set of 31 parts: 2020 2000 solo vn. 66443 voice solo

Rental Parts (2012)
Set of 49 parts: 2222 4200 timp., harp 88664 S solo

Rental Parts (2012)
Set of 36 parts: 2212 4000 solo cl. 66443 voice solo
Throughout the twentieth century, performers and scholars of orchestral lieder directed their attention to works by late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century composers, chiefly Strauss and Mahler but also Wolf, Pfitzner, and Reger. However, earlier nineteenth-century composers also created a significant body of works in this genre. Prominent composers such as Liszt, Brahms, and Berlioz wrote orchestral lieder, as did many other composers whose music has receded with the passage of time. These include individuals such as Carl Reinecke, Andreas Romberg, and Peter von Lindpaintner, composers who were highly esteemed during their era and who produced competent, artistic lieder that are worthy of examination. The purpose of this volume is to provide a source for the study and performance of repertoire that is not readily available. The six orchestral lieder that are included contribute to a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the genre's role in nineteenth-century German concert life and its influence on subsequent composers.
Sehnsucht, Andreas Romberg
Die Fahnenwacht, Peter Joseph von Lindpaintner
König Sifrid, Wendelin Weißheimer
Zigeunerisches Ständchen, Georg Henschel
In der Nacht, Carl Grammann
Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, Carl Reinecke