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Ordonez: String Quartets, Opus 1

Carlo d’ Ordonez
String Quartets, Opus 1
Edited by A. Peter Brown
Ordonez: String Quartets, Opus 1
Full Score (1980)
9x12, xiii + 127 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Instrumental Part(s) (2009)
Set of 4 parts (vn. 1; vn. 2; va.; vc.)

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Carlo d'Ordonez has been regarded as one of the most talented of the Viennese contemporaries of Haydn. These six quartets, dating perhaps from the 1760s, first appeared in manuscript copies and were later published as Ordonez's Opus 1 by Guera in Lyons. As a group, they are fine examples of the mid-century Viennese style as found in the string quartet.
Quartet Op. 1, No. 1, in A Major (A1)
Quartet Op. 1, No. 2, in F Major (F3)
Quartet Op. 1, No. 3, in C Minor (C4)
Quartet Op. 1, No. 4, in E-flat Major (Eb 2)
Quartet Op. 1, No. 5, in B-flat Major (Bb 1)
Quartet Op. 1, No. 6, in G Major (G2)
Rosalind Hatton, Music & Letters, July-October 1983
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