Ozi: Six duos pour deux bassons

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Etienne Ozi
Six duos pour deux bassons

Edited by Harold E. Griswold

C059 Ozi: Six duos pour deux bassons
978-0-89579-458-1 Full Score (2000) 9x12, xv + 59 pp.
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Etienne Ozi (1754–1813) played a decisive role in expanding the tonal, technical, and expressive range of the bassoon in the late eighteenth century. His duos and Méthodes remain the most comprehensive surviving source on the performance and pedagogical practices of the late eighteenth-century bassoonist. Ozi's influence as a teacher of the bassoon and as a composer for the instrument was international in scope. This edition of Ozi's duos follows suggested performance practices of articulation and embellishment as found in his Méthodes of 1787 and 1803.  In addition to providing today's bassoonist with some attractive performance materials, this edition also serves as an introduction to the bassoon performance practices and compositional traditions as established by Ozi at the Paris Conservatory during and after the French Revolution. Ozi's music and instruction became significant in shaping a national school of bassoon artistry that remains to this day unique and highly influential.
Duo I
  Allegro moderato
  Rondo: Tempo di minuetto gratioso
Duo II
  Rondo: Allegretto
Duo IV
  Allegro moderato
Duo V
  Rondo: Allegretto
Duo VI
  Rondo: Gratioso
Ronald Klimko, The Double Reed, 24/1, 2001.