Payen: Motets and Chansons

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Nicolas Payen
Motets and Chansons

Edited by Laura Pollie McDowell

R144 Payen: Motets and Chansons
978-0-89579-593-9 Full Score (2006) 8.5x11, xxvi + 160 pp.
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Nicolas Payen (ca. 1512–59), a native of Soignies and pupil of Gombert, entered the service of Charles V in 1522 and remained associated with the prestigious capilla flamenca for over thirty years. When Charles’s son Philip became King of Spain in 1556, Payen, maestro de capilla to Charles since 1556, was a key figure during this transition, serving Philip as his first chapel master. His music, consisting of thirteen motets, one chorale, and five chansons (a sixth is incomplete), survives in various printed motet and chanson anthologies and a single manuscript. The motets, although written for a Catholic chapel, were published in collections destined for use in the burgeoning Protestant church. Very little research has been done on the composer and his music, as only a few of his works have been published in modern editions. This edition presents Payen’s collected motets and chansons for the first time, allowing scholars to evaluate his position in history based on his entire compositional oeuvre instead of a few isolated pieces.
1. Virgo prudentissima
2. Coenantibus illis
3. Carole cur defles, Isabellam
4. Nunc dimittis
5. Resurrectio Christi/Surrexit
6. Quis dabit capiti
7. Convertimini ad me
8. Domine Deus salutis
9. Domine demonstrasti
10. Confitemur dilecta
11. Nisi quia Dominus erat in nobis
12. Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel
13. Eripe me de inimicis meis Domine
14. Fringotes jeusnes fillettes
15. Hau de par Dieu
16. Il y a de lognon
17. Je ne me puis tenir
18. Avecque vous mon amour finera
19. Vien tost despiteux desconfort
Reviewer unknown, Early Music Review, 115, October 2006.