Pelissier’s Columbian Melodies

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Victor Pelissier
Pelissier’s Columbian Melodies
Music for the New York and Philadelphia Theaters

Edited by Karl Kroeger

A013-14 Pelissier’s Columbian Melodies
978-0-89579-199-3 Full Score (1984) 9x12, xxviii + 178 pp.
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Published as a monthly series in 1812, this collection preserves much of the music of Victor Pelissier, a major composer for the New York and Philadelphia theaters between 1794 and 1813. This volume includes songs, dances, and incidental music from his operas, plays, and pantomimes, as well as songs and instrumental music written for the American concert stage. The preface to this edition contains new information on Pelissier's life and his work in the early American theater.
Theater Music
March (Adelgitha by Matthew Gregory Lewis)
Bright Orb That Rulst Th'aethereal Way (Alzuma, or The Death of Pizarro by Arthur Murphy)
Air (The Archers)
Dances; March; Nuptial Procession March; Overture (The Bridal Ring by Frederick Reynolds)
Believe Me, Sir (The Deaf Lover by Frederick Pilon)
The Bird When Summer Charms No More; Few Are The Joys (Edwin & Angelina by Elihu Hubbard Smith)
Fandango (Gil Blas)
He Who His Country's Liv'ry Wears; When A Woman Hears The Sound Of The Drum And Fife (Glory of Columbia by William Dunlap)
The Archer's Tune; I Hate To Learn The Ebb Of Time; What Groans Shall Yonder Vallies Fill (The Lady of the Lake by Edmund John Eyre)
At First How Humble (The Merry Gardener by William Dunlap)
Allemande (The Milliners)
Dance; My Cruel Love To Danger Go; Negro Dance (Obi, or Three Fingered Jack)
Dances; Overture; St. Agnes's Well; Whither Strays My Lover (The Peasant Boy by William Diamond)
Kind Zephyr (The Sicilian Romance by Henry Siddons)
Ah Why On Quebec's Bloody Plain; Hope Gentle Hope; I Laugh I Sing (Sterne's Maria by William Dunlap)
A Dance (The Tale of Mystery by Thomas Holcroft)
Dry Those Eyes; Storm (The Tempest by William Shakespeare)
'Tis Far Away O'er Yonder Plains (Valentine & Orson by Thomas Dibden)
Independent Vocal Music
A Glee
The Host That Fights For Liberty
A Justice I Am
Ode On The Passions
Return Oh Love!
The Sweet Blue-Eye'd Maid
Independent Instrumental Music
A Grand Overture
Hornpipe in B-flat Major
Hornpipe in C Major
Hornpipe in G Major
A New Waltz
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