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Peri: Euridice

Jacopo Peri
An Opera in One Act, Five Scenes
Edited by Howard Mayer Brown
Peri: Euridice
Full Score (1981)
9x12, xxxvii + 211 pp.

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Among the many splendid entertainments organized in Florence in 1600 to celebrate the marriage of Maria de' Medici to Henri IV of France, Peri's setting of Ottavio Rinuccini's elegant play Euridice attracted relatively little attention. Since that first performance, however, Euridice has enjoyed an important place in the history of music as the first extant opera. It is also a work worthy of revival in the modern theater.
La Renuccini [A Fanfare], Girolamo Fantini
Scena Prima
Scena Seconda
Scena Terza
Scena Quarta
Scena Quinta
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