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Perti: Five-Voice Motets for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Giacomo Antonio Perti
Five-Voice Motets for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Edited by Rodolfo Zitellini
Perti: Five-Voice Motets for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Full Score (2007)
9x12, xviii + 164 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Rental Parts (2007)
Set of 15 parts: 0000 0400 org. 33220

Rental Parts (2007)
Set of 15 parts: 0200 0200 b./org. 33220

Rental Parts (2007)
Set of 14 parts: 0000 0300 org. 33220
This edition makes available some of the best music produced by the Bolognese composer Giacomo Antonio Perti (1661--1756). These three motets, composed for the great Prince of Tuscany, Ferdinando de’ Medici, show a unique union of secular and sacred music styles, typical of the Bolognese tradition, majestically developed by Perti. The influence of opera is obvious and Perti is able to blend it with strict counterpoint. Even the instrumentation for these works is peculiar, with the use of the cornett in important parts. This instrument was not popular any more at the beginning of the eighteenth century and contributes to the unique style of these works.
Cantate laeta carmina
1. Coro: Cantate laeta carmina
2. Recitativo: Exaltata super chorus angelorum
3. Aria: O felices superni candores
4. Recitativo: Quasi arcus refulgens Iris
5. Aria: Tubarum sonitus
6. Recitativo: Tu vota suscipe
7. Aria: O columba speciosa
8. Coro: Cantate laeta carmina—Alleluia
Cessate mortis funera
1. Sinfonia
2. Coro: Cessate mortis funera
3. Recitativo: Renascitur velut Aurora consurgens
4. Aria: Pulchra nimis
5. Recitativo: Videte, mortales
6. Aria: In hac die
7. Duetto: Quam decora, quam serena
8. Coro: Orbes caelorum, urbes terrarum—Alleluia
Canite, cives
1. Coro: Canite, cives
2. Recitativo: Regna terrae
3. Aria: Sit in pace
4. Duetto: O cara caeli stella
5. Recitativo: Impleat Dominus
6. Aria: Eia supplices
7. Coro: Canite, cives—Alleluia
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