Porter: Collected Works

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Walter Porter
Collected Works

Edited by Jonathan P. Wainwright

B194 Porter: Collected Works
978-0-89579-846-6 Full Score (2017) 9x12, xxxiii + 256 pp.
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This volume brings together, for the first time in a critical edition, the complete works of the English composer Walter Porter (ca. 1587/ca. 1595–1659). One of a small number of English composers from the first half of the seventeenth century who embraced “progressive” Italianate methods of composition, Porter is further worthy of mention in histories of music for two reasons: he was the composer of the last book of English madrigals, and he claimed to have been the pupil of Claudio Monteverdi. His works survive primarily in two printed collections: Madrigales and Ayres (1632) and Mottets of Two Voyces (1657). Six of the 1657 Mottets also appear in York Minster Library, MS M. 5/1–3(S). One strophic song and three catches may also be attributed to Walter Porter and are included in an appendix.
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Madrigales and Ayres (1632)
1. O praise the Lord (SAATB, B.c.)
2. Hither we come into this world of woe (SSATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
3. He that loves a rosie cheeke (SSAT, 2 violins, B.c.)
4. Sleepe all my joyes (SATB, B.c.)
5. Who hath a human soule (SSB, 2 violins, B.c.)
6. Sitting once, rapt with delight (STB, 2 violins, B.c.)
7. ’Tis but a frowne (SS, 2 violins, B.c.)
8. Looke on me ever (SATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
9. Tell me you starres (ST, 2 violins, B.c.)
10. Old poets, that in Cupid’s hand (SSATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
11. Thus sung Orpheus to his strings (SSATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
12. When first I saw thee (SS, 2 violins, B.c.)
13. End now my life (ATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
14. Since all things love (SSB, 2 violins, B.c.)
15. Farewell, once my delight (SSATB, B.c.)
16. Come lovers all to mee (SSATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
17. In Celia’s face a question did arise (STB, 2 violins, B.c.)
18. Tell me where the beautie lyes (SATB B.c.)
19. Love in thy youth faire maide (ATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
20. Hayle, Cloris, hayle! (SSATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
21. Young Thirsis lay in Phillis’ lap (SSATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
22. Thy face and eyes (ATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
23. Tell me, Amintas (AT, 2 violins, B.c.)
24. I saw faire Cloris walke alone (SS, B.c.)
25. Death there is no neede of thee (SATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
26. Like the rash and giddie flye (SSB, 2 violins, B.c.)
27. Wake sorrow, wake (SSATB, 2 violins, B.c.)
Mottets of Two Voyces (1657)
1. When Israel left th’Ægyptian land (SB, B.c.)
2. O blest estate! (SB, B.c.)
3. Behold now praise the Lord (SB, B.c.)
4. How long, Lord (TB, B.c.)
5. I will lift up mine eyes to heav’n (TB, B.c.)
6. Who knows the terror of thy wrath (TB, B.c.)
7. The bounty of Jehovah praise (TB, B.c.)
8. Cast off, and scattered in thine ire (AB, B.c.)
9. When I the bold transgressor see (AB B.c.)
10. Great God of hosts revenge our wrong (AB, B.c.)
11. But O! thrice blessed he (AB, B.c.)
12. My ravisht soul (AB, B.c.)
13. Lord, showre on us thy grace (AB, B.c.)
14. Who knows what his offences be? (TB, B.c.)
15. Thou mover of the rolling sphears (TB, B.c.)
16. O happy he, who God obeys (TB, B.c.)
17. My soul intirely shal affect the Lord (TB, B.c.)
Appendix: Works with Uncertain Attribution
Come, come my lovers (S, B.c.)
Fill’s a pipe of tobacco
I can mend your tubs or pails
Now kiss the cup cousin with courtesie