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Full-Service Production

A-R Editions, Inc., provides the complete range of production services for books, journals, catalogs, and music. For over 30 years, A-R has produced high-quality publications, and would be delighted to assist you with your production needs. Production services include the following:
Electronic Music Engraving
Our programmers have designed one of the finest music engraving programs in the world--MusE. Using this sophisticated software system, A-R Editions can achieve the highest quality in electronic music typesetting.
We can typeset your publications from manuscript, disk, or both, if necessary. Our Macintosh-based typesetters run QuarkXpress with many extensions to format your text. We are experienced in text-and-music integration and adept in foreign languages. Output options include 600-dpi page proofs and 1200-dpi final output (CRC) as well as PDF and other electronic formats.
Our copy editors are experienced in a range of subject areas, including medicine, math and science, the humanities and social sciences, as well as trade books and fiction. Our copy editors are experts in The Chicago Manual of Style and other style guides. We also provide expert proofreading and indexing services.
A-R's own publications consistently win awards for outstanding design and typography. We will put the same creativity to work for you.
You can send the entire range of artwork to A-R for inclusion in your publication. Art rendering, freehand drawing, and revision of existing art are also possible.
Printing and Distribution
Printing costs in the Midwest are among the nation's lowest. We provide affordable, high-quality work for short or long runs, one- or multicolor printing, and a variety of binding options. A-R can also manage the distribution and storage of your publications. The postal service in the Madison area is one of the fastest and most efficient in the country. Our experienced shipping department will process orders for your publications with the care and speed we give our own.
Production Support
Our experienced project managers can assist you in creating and meeting schedules, as well as solving various production concerns as we bring your work to completion. To assist, we offer some guidelines for submitting files and ads.

E-Mail James L. Zychowicz for more information or call us at 608-836-9000.