Psalmes, or Songs of Sion (1631)

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Psalmes, or Songs of Sion (1631)
William Slatyer’s Scandalous Collection

Edited by Ross W. Duffin

B234 Psalmes, or Songs of Sion (1631)
978-1-9872-0826-9 Full Score (2022) 7.5x10, xx + 89 pp.
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In 1631 the English clergyman William Slatyer published Psalmes, or Songs of Sion, a collection of forty-five new psalm paraphrases in verse. That he specified popular tunes for singing them, however, was regarded as “scandalous,” and the reaction was swift and decisive. Prelates of the Church of England immediately ordered Slatyer’s imprisonment, summoned him before the High Commission to repudiate his collection, apologize, and promise never to do it again, and they ordered his book to be burned. Two copies of Slatyer’s little volume survive, however, and the thirty-three titles given in its offending table constitute a veritable catalog of popular tunes from around 1630. Clearly, Slatyer sincerely believed it would be an enjoyable recreation for people to sing his sacred poems to these lively and memorable tunes. This new musical edition of his scandalous collection introduces Slatyer and his psalms, supplying his tunes when they survive, and considered replacements when they do not.
1. Psalme 1. Thrice blest, who hath not bent
2. Psalme 6. Thine ire, Lord, on me do not wreake
3. Psalme 8. O Lord our God and Governour, how hie
4. Psalme 11. In the Lord I put my trust
5. Psalme 13. How long wilt thou forget me Lord?
6. Psalme 15. Lord, within thy Tabernacle
7. Psalme 16. Save me and preserve me ever
8. Psalme 19. Lord, the Heavens high and faire
9. Psalme 23. My Shepheard is the ever living Lord
10. Psalme 42. Like th’Hart that strayes
11. Psalme 43. Ivdge my cause, O Lord
12. Psalme 47. All people clap your hands
13. Psalme 48. Great is the Lord on hie
14. Psalme 52. Why does thou boast thy selfe abroad
15. Psalme 57. Have mercie, O my God, have mercie strait
16. Psalme 60. O God, thou hast ev’n cast us out of yore
17. Psalme 61. Regard, O Lord, for I complaine
18. Psalme 63. Thou, O God, art my God whom I early enquire
19. Psalme 65. O God all praise on thee doth wait
20. Psalme 84. O Lord, how amiable
21. Psalme 87. Firmely for ever are her foundations
22. Psalme 93. The Lord as King aloft doth reigne
23. Psalme 97. The Lord alone aloft doth raigne
24. Psalme 99. The Lord in heaven aloft doth raigne
25. Psalme 101. Mercy I will and iudgement sing
26. Psalme 108. O God, my heart prepared is
27. Psalme 110. The Lord unto my Lord did say
28. Psalme 114. When that Israel was bent
29a. Psalme 117. All Nations with mirth
29b. Gloria Patri. All praise and honor be
30. Psalme 121. I lift mine eies
31. Psalme 122. I did in heart reioyce, to heare the people say
32. Psalme 123. Vp to thee I lift mine eies
33. Psalme 124. If the Lord him selfe had not been on our side
34. Psalme 126. When as the gracious and mercifull Lord
35. Psalme 130. Ovt of the deeps in great distresse
36. Psalme 137. As we in Babylon
37. Psalme 150. Praise ye the Lord ye Saints
38. Psalme 1. In Greeke and Latine. Beatus vir, non ambulans
39. Psalme 128. In Greeke and Latine. Beatus, O beatus ter
40. Psalme 137. In Greeke and Latine. Ad flumina Babylonis
41. Psalme 6. O Lord doe not rebuke me in
42. Psalme 23. My Sheepheard is th’everliving Lord God
43. Psalme 108. My heart and my tongue is prepared in song
44. Psalme 130. Ovt of the lowest deepes depressed
45. Psalme 150. O Praise the Lord in holinesse