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American Institute of Musicology

AIM logoFounded by Armen Carapetyan in 1946, the American Institute of Musicology (AIM) supports interest in Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque music. The publications of the Institute are used by scholars and performers alike and constitute a major core collection of early music and theoretical writings on music. Since its founding, the Institute has published more than 650 scholarly volumes including the yearbook Musica Disciplina.

The publications of the Institute are wide-ranging and comprise scholarly editions, books, and treatises. The scholarly editions in Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae and Corpus of Early Keyboard Music include the complete works of major composers who lived up until the seventeenth century, composers such as Machaut, La Rue, Dufay, Willaert, Clemens, Rore, Compère, Crecquillon, Romero, and others. Significant research findings resulting from the edition-making efforts are published in the series Musicological Studies and Documents. Treatises published in Corpus Scriptorum de Musica and Renaissance Manuscript Studies include the works of influential writers from Guido of Arezzo to Jean Philippe Rameau. Significant collections of papers appear in the series Miscellanea. Reference works are published in the series Renaissance Manuscript Studies.

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From 2016 the American Institute of Musicology also distributes the early publications of the Institute of Medieval Music (IMM), including publications in the series Publications of Medieval Music Manuscripts (PMMM)Collected Works (CW)Music Theorists in Translation (MTT), and Musicological Studies (MS).To order these titles through A-R Editions, please contact us directly:

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