Collegium Musicum: Yale University

The series Collegium Musicum: Yale University was founded in 1955 by the Yale University Department of Music and has been published by A-R Editions since 1969. It presents diverse selection of works suitable for performance by early music ensembles. 

This series is closed (as of April 2018). Previous publications in the series are still in print and available for purchase.

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  1. $225.00
  2. Schelle: Ah! Quam multa sunt peccata (PARTS)
    Instrumental Part(s) | Y2-020P1
  3. Kuhnau: Laudate pueri (PARTS)
    Instrumental Part(s) | Y2-020P2
  4. Kuhnau: Muss nicht der Mensch (PARTS)
    Instrumental Part(s) | Y2-020P3
  5. Knüpfer: De profundis (RENTAL)
    Rental Parts | Y2-020R1
  6. Knüpfer: Lauda Jerusalem (RENTAL)
    Rental Parts | Y2-020R2
  7. CALL
  8. Schelle: Durch Adams Fall (RENTAL)
    Rental Parts | Y2-020R4
  9. Schelle: Magnificat (RENTAL)
    Rental Parts | Y2-020R5
  10. $360.00