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Cope: Computers and Musical Style

David Cope
Computers and Musical Style
Cope: Computers and Musical Style
Book + CD (1991)
6 x 9, xvii + 246 pp.

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On the basis of his research in artificial intelligence, composer David Cope demonstrates that computers can compose music. Cope furnishes a step-by-step guide for analyzing and replicating musical style using his computer program, Experiments in Musical Intelligence. His computer compositions in the style of Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky, and others sound new and yet alarmingly familiar. He then shows how today's composers can use Experiments in Musical Intelligence effectively.
Contents A Brief Background of Automated Music Composition Musical Style Representations LISP Programming Style Replication Musical Examples Computer-Assisted Composition
"Cope's work may be the first to bring to the broader community of scholars a host of issues that have been hotly discussed by biotechnology and artificial intelligence researchers in recent years. . . . It is an original and important undertaking tha
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