Miranda: A-Life for Music

Series: Computer Music and Digital Audio  Publisher: A-R Editions
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A-Life for Music
Music and Computer Models of Living Systems

Eduardo Reck Miranda

DAS024 Miranda: A-Life for Music
978-0-89579-673-8 Book (2011) 7.5 x 9.25, xxviii + 301 pp.
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Artificial Life, or A-Life, aims at the study of all phenomena characteristic of natural living systems, through computational modeling, wetware-hardware hybrids, and other artificial media. Its scope ranges from the investigation of the emergence of cognitive processes in natural or artificial systems to the development of life or life-like properties from inorganic components. A number of musicians, in particular composers and musicologists, have started to turn to A-Life for inspiration and working methodology. This edited volume features thirteen chapters written by researchers and practitioners in this exciting emerging field of computer music, and includes a CD with various examples music related to A-Life.

    Chapter One: Artificial Anuran Choruses / David M. Michael
    Chapter Two: Multi-Agent Modeling of Complex Rhythmic Interactions in
    Real-Time Performance / Arne Eigenfeldt
    Chapter Three: Using Coevolution in Music Improvisation / David Plans and Davide Morelli
    Chapter Four: Structural Coupling in a Society of Musical Agents / Peter Beyls
    Chapter Five: Transformation and Mapping of L-Systems Data in the Composition
    of a Large-Scale Piece of Music / Nigel Morgan
    Chapter Six: Generative Composition with Nodal / Jon McCormack and Peter McIlwain
    Chapter Seven: Evolutionary Morphing for Music Composition / Andrew R. Brown, Rene Wooller, and Eduardo R. Miranda
    Chapter Eight: The Evolving Drum Machine / Matthew J. Yee-King
    Chapter Nine Autonomous Evolution of Piano Pieces and Performances with Ossia II / Palle Dahlstedt
    Chapter Ten A Biophysically Constrained Multi-Agent Systems Approach to Algorithmic Composition with Expressive Performance / Alexis Kirke and Eduardo R. Miranda
    Chapter Eleven: Artificial Evolution of Tuning Systems / Jean-Julien Aucouturier
    Chapter Twelve: Replication, Parataxis, and Evolution: Meme Journeys through the First
    Movement of a Mozart Sonata / Steven Jan
    Chapter Thirteen: An Ontomemetic Approach to Musical Intelligence / Marcelo Gimenes and Eduardo R. Miranda