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Harden: Music Description and Access

Jean Harden
Music Description and Access
Solving the Puzzle of Cataloging
Harden: Music Description and Access
Book (2017)
7.5 x 9.25, xiii + 354 pp.

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Music Description and Access: Solving the Puzzle of Cataloging is both a textbook for students and a handbook and reference source for practicing catalogers. The bulk of the book is a step-by-step guide to cataloging music materials, with dozens of examples showing images of published scores or audio recordings. Content and encoding are treated separately, using RDA and MARC21. Interspersed in the chapters on practical cataloging are short Historical Asides, essays putting particular devices or conventions into context. These essays supplement a chapter on cataloging history, which follows an introductory chapter that sets the stage for the task at hand. The book ends with a chapter by Maristella Feustle on describing and providing access to music special collections, using both archival and rare-music-cataloging standards.
Aids in navigating the book include an index plus multiple lists and tables. A bibliography and a list of cataloging tools that are available online are also given.
List of Examples List of Tables List of Historical Asides Preface Acknowledgments Part I: Setting the Stage Chapter 1: Why, and What? Chapter 2: History of Cataloging Part II: Practical Cataloging Chapter 3: Manifestation and Item, Part One Chapter 4: Manifestation and Item, Part Two Chapter 5: Recorded Information, Including Carriers Chapter 6: Manifestation, Item, and Carrier in MARC Chapter 7: Works and Expressions Chapter 8: Persons and Corporate Bodies Chapter 9: Access Points Chapter 10: Relationships Chapter 11: Classification and Subjects Chapter 12: Archival Description (by Maristella Feustle) Appendix A: MARC Fixed and Coded Fields in Bibliographic Records Appendix B: Online Cataloging Tools Glossary Select Bibliography Index
The book serves a critical need in the literature for a music cataloging textbook under current standards. . . . I can sum it up to music catalogers in three words: just get it.
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