The Music and Scripts of In Dahomey

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions, American Musicological Society
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The Music and Scripts of In Dahomey

Edited by Thomas L. Riis

MU05/A025 The Music and Scripts of In Dahomey
978-0-89579-342-3 Full Score (1996) 9x12, lxxii + 245 pp.
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With over eleven hundred performances in the United States and England between 1902 and 1905, In Dahomey became a landmark of American musical theater. Created and performed entirely by African Americans, it showcased the talent of conservatory-trained composer Will Marion Cook and the popular vaudevillians Bert Williams and George Walker. This edition presents the musical and textual materials of In Dahomey in a comprehensive piano-vocal score, with many musical numbers that were added or substituted in various early productions. This complete array of songs makes this the first publication of its type. Winner of the MPA Paul Revere Award, 1997.
Overture, Will Marion Cook
Brown-Skin Baby Mine, Will Marion Cook
Caboceers Entrance, Will Marion Cook
Chocolate Drops, Harry Von Tilzer
The Czar, John H. Cook and Will Marion Cook
Dat Gal of Mine, Benj. L. Shook
Evah Dahkey Is a King, John H. Cook
Good Evenin', Will Marion Cook
Happy Jim, James Vaughan
Hurrah for Captain Kidd, Will Marion Cook
I May Be Crazy, But I Ain't No Fool, Alex Rogers
I Wants to Be a Actor Lady, Harry Von Tilzer
I'll Take a Kitchen Mechanic for Mine, Tom Logan
I'm a Jonah Man, Alex Rogers
Jig, Bert Williams
Leader of the Colored Aristocracy, Will Marion Cook
Me an' de Minstrel Ban', James Vaughan
Molly Green, Will Marion Cook
My Castle on the Nile, Rosamond Johnson
My Dahomian Queen, J. Leubrie Hill
My Dear Luzon, Tom Lemonier
My Lady Frog, Will Marion Cook and Will Accooe
On Broadway in Dahomey Bye and Bye, Al Johns
On Emancipation Day, Will Marion Cook (2 versions)
Rag-time Drummer, J. Leubrie Hill
Returned, Will Marion Cook
A Rich Coon's Babe, Clare Kummer
She's Dancing Sue, Will Marion Cook and Will Accooe
Society, Will Marion Cook and Will Accooe
Swing Along, Will Marion Cook
That's How the Cake Walk's Done, J. Leubrie Hill
When It's All Goin' Out, And Nothin' Comin' In, Williams and Walker
When Sousa Comes to Coon-town, James Vaughan and Tom Lemonier
When the Moon Shines, James Vaughan
Why Adam Sinned, Alex Rogers
Appendix 1: An Operatic Interpolation
Child of the Sun, G. Meyerbeer
Appendix 2: Orchestrations
Dat Gal of Mine
My Dahomian Queen
On Emancipation Day
Marva Griffin Carter, American Music, Spring 1998