Paper Offprints

A-R Editions now offers paper offprints of individual works from our larger published volumes. Most offprints are works of choral music intended for performance use. These 8.5x11 staple-bound booklets are available for purchase exclusively through the A-R Editions website. Paper offprints have a minimum order quantity, which is listed in the product information for each item.

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5 Items
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  1. Buck: Festival Te Deum in E-flat Major
    Paper Offprint | MU14/A053X001
  2. Buck: Rock of Ages
    Paper Offprint | MU14/A053X002
  3. Buck: Grant to Us Thy Grace
    Paper Offprint | MU14/A053X003
  4. Buck: In Absence
    Paper Offprint | MU14/A053X004
  5. Buck: The Signal Resounds from Afar
    Paper Offprint | MU14/A053X005