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John Graziano, general editor

Recent Researches in American Music encompasses a wide variety of genres, styles, and epochs that define the music of our country from its earliest days through the twentieth century. The series Music of the United States of America (MUSA) is a co-publication between A-R Editions and the American Musicological Society (AMS), and MUSA volumes are cross-listed in the Recent Researches in American Music series.

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  2. Michael: The Named Partitas (PARTS)
    Instrumental Part(s) | MU16P1/A059P1
  3. Michael: Partitas 7–9, 13–14 (PARTS)
    Instrumental Part(s) | MU16P2/A059P2
  4. Michael: Partitas 3-5, 10, 12
    Instrumental Part(s) | MU16P3/A059P3
  5. Michael: Partitas 1-2, 6, 11 (PARTS)
    Instrumental Part(s) | MU16P4/A059P4