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Charpentier: Judicium Salomonis

Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Judicium Salomonis
Edited by H. Wiley Hitchcock
Charpentier: Judicium Salomonis
Full Score (1964)
9x12, xiv + 112 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Keyboard-Vocal Score (2008)
Keyboard-Vocal score (SATB, B.c.)

Rental Parts (2008)
Set of 9 parts: 2201 0000 33221
Dating from 1702, this dramatic choral setting (SATB with instrumental accompaniment) of the story of Solomon's Judgment is one of the composer's mature works.
  1. [Prelude]
Prima Pars
  2. [Recitative]: Confortatum est regnum
  3. [Chorus]: Tunc laetata est
  4. Tres e populi: Et rex similiter
  5. [Air of Solomon]: Benedictus es Domine Deus Israel
  6. [Chorus]: Ideo cunctis unanimiter
Seconde Partie
  7. [Prelude]
  8. [Recitative]: Nocte autem sequenti
  9. [Recitative]: Postula, Salomon
  10. [Accompanied Recitative]: Domine Deus meus
  11. [Arioso]: Quia non petisti
  12. Choeur: Et facto mane
  13. [Recitative]: Obsecro, mi domine
  14. [Duet]: Non est ita
  15. [Recitative]: Haec dicit
  16. [Duet]: Non est ita
  17. [Recitative]: Adferte mihi gladium
  18. [Duet]: Ah, domine mi rex
  19. [Recitative]: Date huic infantem vivum
  20. Dernier Choeur: Audivit omnes Israel
<div>&quot;Our scanty knowledge of Charpentier is enriched by the publication of this oratorio. . . . [Professor Hitchcock's] edition is a model of what such things should be.&quot; J. A. Westrup, <em>Music &amp; Letters</em>
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