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Couperin: Selected Works for Keyboard, Part 2

Armand-Louis Couperin
Selected Works for Keyboard, Part 2
Music for Solo Keyboard and Keyboard with Strings
Edited by David Fuller
Couperin: Selected Works for Keyboard, Part 2
Full Score (1975)
9x12, 110 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Instrumental Part(s) (2010)
Set of 2 parts (vn.; vc.)
The music of this distant cousin of Couperin le Grand illuminates every facet of the transition from the native art of French harpsichordists to the early international classical style. Couperin's special interest in new instrumental sounds, coinciding with the gradual ascendancy of the piano over the harpsichord, is beautifully demonstrated in the music and detailed preface of this edition.
Music for Solo Keyboard
Courante. La De Croissy
Les tendres sentimens
Les quatre nations
Dialogue entre le chalumeau et le basson avec accompagnement de flûtes au clavier d'en haut
Aria con Variazione del Sr Couperin
Music for Solo Keyboard with Strings
Sonata V (Op. 2, 1765 [violin, keyboard])
Sonata Ia (Op. 3, 1770 [violin, violoncello, keyboard])
Sonata IIa (Op. 3, 1770 [violin, violoncello, keyboard])
Sonata IIIa (Op. 3, 1770 [violin, violoncello, keyboard])
William D. Gudger, Notes, December 1978; Howard Ferguson, Music & Letters, January 1979
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