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Sing A New Song

The Best Worship Resource You’ll Ever Find!

 Sing A New Song is a Catholic worship resource combining new music settings for the Entrance and Communion Antiphons of the Roman Missal with the Readings and Psalms of the Lectionary for Mass to provide a comprehensive and reusable resource for the Mass. The music settings are arranged and composed by Rt. Rev. Marcel Rooney, O.S.B., creating melodies accessible to average parishioners. The masses are organized by the Roman Calendar, with Liturgical Years A, B, and C each represented within a separate volume. These hard-cover volumes have the benefit of being as long-lasting as the Roman Missal and Lectionary, eliminating the need for annual, soft-cover resources.

SANS Black Cover

SANS Red cover SANS Green cover       

         Sing A New Song                  Sing A New Song                 Sing A New Song

                  Year C                                       Year A                                        Year B

   Available September 2018                          Available 2019                                     Available 2020

Each hard-cover volume will include:

  • the Order of Mass (see samples here)
  • music settings for the Order of Mass (see samples here)
  • antiphons, readings, and psalms for each Proper Mass (see samples here)
  • antiphons, readings, and psalms for additional masses
  • over 150 selected traditional hymns (see samples here)

Our pricing is aimed to save you thousands of dollars over the years! The below pricing is based on a minimum order of 100 copies:

  • For 100 to 299 copies:  $13.00 per copy
  • For 300 to 499 copies:  $11.00 per copy
  • For 500 to 1999 copies:  $10.00 per copy
  • For 2000 to 2499 copies:  $9.00 per copy
  • For orders over 2500 copies:  $8.50 per copy

To learn more about Sing A New Song, call Lance Ottman at 608-203-2569.

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