Ricercars of the Bourdeney Codex

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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The Ricercars of the Bourdeney Codex
Giaches Brumel [?], Fabrizio Dentice, Anonymous

Edited by Anthony Newcomb

R089 Ricercars of the Bourdeney Codex
978-0-89579-264-8 Full Score (1991) 8.5x11, xxii + 139 pp.
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This edition contains seventeen recently discovered ricercars from the Bourdeney Codex, a compendium in score of mid- and late-sixteenth-century polyphony. Although all but one of the ricercars are anonymous in Bourdeney, four of them are attributed to "Giaches" in a concordant source. The editor proposes that fourteen of the pieces are works of the Ferrarese organist Giaches Brumel, that these ricercars are among the most significant instrumental works surviving from the mid-sixteenth century, and that they mark the beginning of a distinctive school of abstract instrumental music culminating in the Fantasie and Capricci of Frescobaldi.
1. Recercare del Nono Tuono, [Giaches Brumel?]
2. [Ricercar sopra la sol fa re mi], Giaches [Brumel]
3. [Ricercar del terzo tono], Giaches [Brumel]
4. [Ricercar del nono tono], [Giaches Brumel?]
5. [Ricercar del quinto tono], Giaches [Brumel]
6. [Ricercar del dodicesimo tono], Giaches [Brumel]
7. Ricercare del primo Tono, [Giaches Brumel?]
8. Ricercare del primo Tono, [Giaches Brumel?]
9. Ricercare del 2do Tono, [Giaches Brumel?]
10. Ricercare del 2do Tono, [Giaches Brumel?]
11. Ricercare del 3o Tuono, [Giaches Brumel?]
12. Ricercare del 4to Tuono, Giaches Brumel?]
13. Ricercare del duodecimo tuono, [Giaches Brumel?]
14. Ricercare sopra Cantai mentre ch'i arsi di Cypriano, [Giaches Brumel?]
15. [Ricercar del primo tono], Anonymous
16. [Ricercar del settimo tono], di fabritio Denticj
17. [Ricercar del secondo tono], Anonymous
Peter Holman, Chelys, 1993; Oscar Mischiati, L'Organo, 1993-94; Philippe Canguilhem, Revue de Musicologie, 1994