Rothstein: MIDI: A Comprehensive Introduction, 2nd ed.

Series: Computer Music and Digital Audio  Publisher: A-R Editions
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A Comprehensive Introduction, 2nd ed.

Joseph Rothstein

DAS007 Rothstein: MIDI: A Comprehensive Introduction, 2nd ed.
978-0-89579-309-6 Book (1995) 7.5 x 9.25, xviii + 263 pp.
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MIDI--the Musical Instrument Digital Interface--is the data communications system that enables music equipment, computers, and software from many different manufacturers to exchange information. Since 1983 the impact of MIDI on the design and operation of synthesizers and related equipment has been dramatic.

Rothstein's book provides a practical guide for anyone seeking a thorough discussion of the basic principles of MIDI. The text focuses on MIDI hardware and software as a single, integrated system. In addition to describing categories of MIDI instruments, accessories, and personal computer software, Rothstein explains what they do, what to look for in each, and how to get it all to work together. With this book, you will be able to evaluate, assemble, and manage a complex hardware/software MIDI system.
Overview Musical Acoustics Computer Music Basics MIDI Hardware--How to Choose It, How to Use It MIDI Software--How to Choose It, How to Use It Choosing and Using Sequencer Software Getting It All to Work Together Understanding MIDI Messages Synchronization Programming in MIDI Getting Help