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Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era


ISSN 0484-0828 
Steven Saunders, general editor [Photo of Steven Saunders]

Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era began in 1964 and since then has been a constant source for new editions of early music. Some of the early volumes published in this series helped to shape modern ideas about Baroque music, for example, with the two books of Caccini's Le nuove musiche, which contain the full preface and all the music in a critical edition. The series includes editions of important early operas by Peri and Cesti; various works by Charpentier, Vivaldi, Telemann, Gaultier, and other figures; and works that were composed around more famous composers, such as contemporaries of Bach and members of his circle. Other composers are represented more extensively; for example, Jean-Marie Leclair's complete violin sonatas are published in the series. 

A number of volumes published in recent years concern music from the seventeenth century, and these include Italian madrigals, sacred concertos from Germany, and English keyboard music. Among the publications of seventeenth-century music are works by women composers: a volume of vocal music by Barbara Strozzi, the motets of Chiara Margarita Cozzolani, and the opera Cephale et Procris by Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre. 

In many ways, this series has brought to light the music of composers who might have been otherwise neglected yet who made important contributions. This series will allow further explorations of repertoire that is available nowhere else. In a framework that provides single-composer volumes and editions based on genre, Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era will offer scholars and performers works that augment our understanding of the period and those who shaped it. 

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B13 Gregor Aichinger Cantiones Ecclesiasticae
B54–55 Gregor Aichinger The Vocal Concertos
B43 Tomaso Albinoni Pimpinone: Intermezzi comici musicali
B51–52 Tomaso Albinoni Sonatas and Suites, Opus 8, for Two Violins, Violoncello, and Basso Continuo
B31 Tomaso Albinoni Twelve Cantatas, Opus 4
B85 Henry Aldrich Selected Anthems and Motet Recompositions
B134 Domenico Allegri  Music for an Academic Defense (Rome, 1617)
B141 Giovanni Francesco Anerio  Selva armonica (Rome, 1617)
B160 Charles Avison Concerto Grosso Arrangements of Geminiani's Opus 1 Violin Sonatas
B140 William Babell Twelve Solos for a Violin or Oboe with Basso Continuo, Book 1
B108 Johann Ludwig Bach Motets
B144 Georg von Bertouch Sonatas a 3
B151 Georg von Bertouch Three Sacred Cantatas
B107 Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber Missa Christi resurgentis
B170 Santiago Billoni Complete Works
B155 John Blow Selected Verse Anthems
B164 Antoine Boesset Sacred Music, Part 1
B165 Antoine Boesset Sacred Music, Part 2
B77 Antonio Bononcini Complete Sonatas for Violoncello and Basso Continuo
B183 Giovanni Bononcini Twelve Chamber Sonatas (London, 1732)
B7–8 William Boyce Two Anthems for the Georgian Court
B40 The Brasov Tablature (Brasov Music Manuscript 808): German Keyboard Studies, 1680–1684
B66 Henry Butler Collected Works
B9 Giulio Caccini Le Nuove musiche
B28 Giulio Caccini Nuove musiche e nuova maniera di scriverle (1614)
B89 Sébastien Le Camus Airs à deux et trois parties
B142, B143 Bellerofonte Castaldi Capricci (1622)
B23–24 Dario Castello Selected Ensemble Sonatas
B132 Francesco Cavalli  La Doriclea
B42 Antonio Cesti Il Pomo d'oro: Music for Acts III and V from Modena, Biblioteca Estense, Ms. Mus. E. 120
B1 Marc-Antoine Charpentier Judicum Salomonis
B63 Marc-Antoine Charpentier Music for Molière's Comedies
B72 Marc-Antoine Charpentier Nine Settings of the Litanies de la Vierge
B48 Marc-Antoine Charpentier Vocal Chamber Music
B158 Marc-Antoine Charpentier In nativitatem Domini canticum, H. 416
B101 Fortunato Chelleri Keyboard Music
B27 Louis-Nicolas Clérambault Two Cantatas for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble
B17 Giovanni Paolo Colonna Messe a nove voci concertata con stromenti
B95–96 Juan Bautista Comes Masses
B57 Concerted Sacred Music of the Bologna School
B41 John Coprario Twelve Fantasias for Two Bass Viols and Organ and Eleven Pieces for Three Lyra Viols
B18 Michel Corrette Premier livre d'orgue and Nouveau livre de noels
B180 Philippe Courbois Cantatas for One and Two Voices: Cantates françoises à I et II voix (1710) and the Grande symphonie Version of Dom Quichote (ca. 1728)
B87 Chiara Margarita Cozzolani Motets
B91 Dedication Service for St. Gertrude's Chapel, Hamburg, 1607
B56 Giovanni Battista Draghi Harpsichord Music
B184 Daniel Eberlin Four Sacred Cantatas
B12 Johann Ernst Eberlin Te Deum, Dixit Dominus, Magnificat
B176 John Eccles Rinaldo and Armida
B127 Thomas Elsbeth Sontägliche Evangelien
B99 Giovanni Battista Fontana Sonatas for One, Two, and Three Parts with Basso Continuo
B90 Thomas Ford Lyra Viol Duets
B75 Fourteen Motets from the Court of Ferdinand II of Hapsburg
B80 Melchior Franck Dulces Mundani Exilij Deliciae
B70 Melchior Franck Geistliche Gesäng und Melodeyen
B106 Melchior Franck Paradisus Musicus
B124 Marco da Gagliano Madrigals, Part 1
B145 Marco da Gagliano Madrigals, Part 2
B174 Marco da Gagliano Madrigals, Part 3
B171 Marco da Gagliano La Flora
B162 Francesco Gasparini Cantatas with Violins, Part 1
B163 Francesco Gasparini Cantatas with Violins, Part 2
B62 Denis Gaultier La Rhétorique des Dieux
B84 Charles-Hubert Gervais Super flumina Babilonis
B138  Giovanni Ghizzolo Madrigali et arie per sonare et cantare
B135  Jean Gilles  Diligam te, Domine 
B47 Jean Gilles Requiem (Messe des morts)
B149 La grand-mére amoureuse, parodie d'Atys: A Marionette Parody of Lully's Atys by Louis Fuzelier and Dorneval from 1726
B78 Christoph Graupner Concerti Grossi for Two Violins
B173 Bonifazio Graziani Motets for Two to Six Voices, Opus 1
B19 Maurice Greene Voluntaries and Suites for Organ and Harpsichord
B150 Andreas Hammerschmidt Geistlicher Dialogen Ander Theil
B166 Andreas Hammerschmidt Selections from the Gespräche (1655-56) with Capellen
B39 George Frideric Handel Six Concertos for the Harpsichord or Organ (Walsh's Transcriptions, 1738)
B116 Nicola Francesco Haym Complete Sonatas, Part 1
B117 Nicola Francesco Haym Complete Sonatas, Part 2
B102 Johann David Heinichen La Gara degli Dei
B103 Johann David Heinichen Diana su l’Elba
B161 Johann David Heinichen Selected Music for Vespers
B187 Juan Hidalgo Celos aun del aire matan
B156 Anton Holzner Viretum pierium (1621)
B88 Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre Cephale et Procris
B178 Jean Racine's Cantiques spirituels: Musical Settings by Moreau, Lalande, Collasse, Marchand, Duhalle, and Bousset
B67–68 John Jenkins The Lyra Viol Consorts
B3 Johann Caspar Kerll Missa Superba
B69 Keyboard Transcriptions from the Bach Circle
B92 Johann Klemm Partitura seu tabulatura italica
B97 Sebastien Knüpfer Lustige Madrigalien und Canzonetten
B34 Johann Kuhnau Magnificat
B154 Johann Sigismund Kusser Adonis
B139 Michel Lambert Airs from  Airs de différents autheurs 
B98 Stefano Landi La morte d'Orfeo 
B114 Rudolph di Lasso Virginalia Eucharistica
B81 Late-Seventeenth-Century English Keyboard Music
B120-23 William Lawes Collected Vocal Music, Parts 1-4
B76 Jean-Marie Leclair Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo, Opus 1
B58 Jean-Marie Leclair Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo, Opus 2
B4–5 Jean-Marie Leclair Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo: Opus 5
B10–11 Jean-Marie Leclair Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo: Opus 9; Opus 15
B14–15 Giovanni Legrenzi Cantatas and Canzonets for Solo Voice
B59 Isabella Leonarda Selected Compositions
B113 Isabella Leonarda Twelve Sonatas, Opus 16
B44–45 Antonio Lotti Duetti, terzetti, e madrigali a piu voci
B21–22 Marin Marais Six Suites for Viol and Thoroughbass
B118 Benedetto Marcello Il pianto e il riso delle quattro stagioni
B169 Biagio Marini Compositioni varie per musica di camera, Opus 13
B137 Masses by Alessandro Scarlatti and Francesco Gasparini: Music from the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome
B177 Tarquinio Merula Curtio precipitato et altri capricii (1638)
B186 Natale Monferrato Complete Masses
B29–30 Michel Pignolet de Montéclair Cantatas for One and Two Voices
B73 The Motets of Jacob Praetorius II
B133 Music for Macbeth
B25 A Neapolitan Festa a Ballo and Selected instrumental Ensemble Pieces
B36–37 Jacopo Peri Euridice: An Opera in One Act, Five Scenes
B50 Jacopo Peri Le Varie musiche and Other Songs
B147 Giacomo Antonio Perti Five-Voice Motets for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
B112 Petits motets from the Royal Convent School at St.-Cyr
B20 Giovanni Antonio Piani Sonatas for Violin Solo and Violoncello With Cembalo
B172 Girolamo Polani Six Chamber Cantatas for Solo Voice
B74 Giovanni Porta Selected Sacred Music from the Ospedale della Pietà
B79 Paolo Quagliati Libro primo de' madrigali a quattro voci
B111 Johann Joachim Quantz Seven Trio Sonatas
B 128
B 129
Giovanni Antonio Rigatti Messa e salmi, parte concertati
B179 Antonio Rodriguez Mata Passions
B109, B110 Giovanni Rovetta Messa, e salmi concertati, op. 4 (Venice 1639), Part 1 (B109); Part 2 (B110)
B146 Giovanni Rovetta Masses
B152 Giovanni Maria Ruggieri Two Settings of the Gloria
B182 Giovanni Maria Ruggieri Cantatas, Op. 5
B185 Giovanni Maria Ruggieri Trio Sonatas, Op. 4
B189 Sacra Corona (Venice, 1656)
B126 Giovanni Felice Sances   
B148 Giovanni Felice Sances  Motetti a 2, 3, 4, e cinque voci (1642)
B167 Santiago de Murcia Cifras selectas de guitarra
B153 Alessandro Scarlatti Concerti sacri, opera seconda
B181 Alessandro Scarlatti Selected Sacred Music
B175 Alessandro Scarlatti Solo Serenatas
B157 Alessandro Scarlatti Venere, Adone, et Amore: Original Version, Naples 1696; and Revised Version, Rome 1706
B104 Alessandro Scarlatti Venere, Amore e Ragione: Serenata a 3
B159 Francesco Scarlatti Six Concerti Grossi
B60–61 Johann Schelle Six Chorale Cantatas
B125 Johann Schop Erster Theil newer Paduanen
B131  Seventeenth-Century Lutheran Church Music with Trombones
B38 Francesco Severi Salmi passaggiati (1615)
B82 Solo Compositions for Violin and Viola da gamba with Basso Continuo
B93 Giovanni Battista Somis Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo, Opus 3
B105 Songs with Theorbo (ca. 1650–1663)
B16 Giovanni Francesco Anerio and Francesco Soriano Two Settings of Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli
B49 Spanish Art Song in the Seventeenth Century
B35 Johann Stadlmayr Selected Magnificats
B53 Agostino Steffani Twelve Chamber Duets
B168 Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel German Te Deum
B83 Barbara Strozzi Cantate, ariete a una, due e tre voci, Opus 3
B64–65 Georg Philipp Telemann Don Quichotte auf der Hochzeit des Comacho: Comic Opera-Serenata in One Act
B71 Georg Philipp Telemann Douze solos, à violon ou traversiere
B2 Georg Philipp Telemann Forty-eight Chorale Preludes
B6 Ten Eighteenth-Century Voluntaries
B100 Georg Philipp Telemann Twelve Trio Sonatas
B115 Giuseppe Torelli Concerti musicali, Opus 6
B86 Lodovico Grossi da Viadana Salmi a quattro cori
B119 Loreto Vittori La Galatea
B188 Loreto Vittori Complete Solo Songs
B32–33 Antonio Vivaldi Cantatas for Solo Voice
B26 Antonio Vivaldi The Manchester Violin Sonatas
B144 Georg von Bertouch Sonatas a 3
B46 Matthias Weckmann Four Sacred Concertos
B94 John Weldon The Judgment of Paris
B136 Silvius Leopold Weiss Lute Concerti