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Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era

[Women Composers]

Chiara Margarita Cozzolani
Edited by Robert L. Kendrick

B87 ISBN 0-89579-402-0 (10-digit) (1998) xxxii+271 pp. $120.00
  ISBN 978-0-89579-402-4 (13-digit)    

This edition of Motets by the Milanese nun Chiara Margarita Cozzolani (1602-c. 1677) incorporates new research and offers a new glimpse into seventeenth-century vocal repertory. It contains the complete surviving motets for one to five voices plus basso continuo and settings of often impassioned Eucharistic, Marian, and sanctoral texts published largely for the first time in a modern edition. The introduction to this volume also includes a summary of recent work on musical life in Cozzolani's monastery (Santa Radegonda of Milan) and offers suggestions for the performance of these pieces by single-sex vocal ensembles and in line with the seventeenth-century renown of the nuns' choir at S. Radegonda. This is the first large-scale modern editon of vocal music from seventeenth-century Milan, an important musical and cultural center.

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