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Recent Researches in the Music of the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance

Philip the Chancellor: Motets and Prosulas
Edited by Thomas B. Payne 
M41 ISBN 0-89579-694-5 (2011) xxxvii + 221 pp. $200.00
  ISBN 978-0-89579-694-3

This volume is the first collection of medieval music devoted specifically to texts authored by Philip the Chancellor (d. 1236), a renowned lyric poet associated with the cathedral of Notre Dame Paris during the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries. It presents the texts and music of all the motets and prosulas (words added to preexistent music from organa and polyphonic conductus caudae) ascribed to Philip in medieval sources, as well as a substantial number of works attributed to him by modern scholars. Many of the musical settings in this collection are credited to the composer Perotinus and are among the earliest efforts in these genres, suggesting that not only were Philip and Perotinus the sole artists now known to have cultivated the motet during its formative years, but that they may have played a seminal role in bringing the genre to light.

Organum Prosulas
1. Vide prophecie—Homo, cum mandato / [:R]. Viderunt omnes
2. De Stephani roseo sanguine / [:R]. Sederunt
3. Adesse festina / [:V]. Adiuva me, domine
4. Associa tecum in patria / [:R]. Sancte Eligi

Conductus Prosulas
5. Anima, iuge lacrima (modern attribution)
6. Bulla fulminante
7. Crucifigat omnes (modern attribution)
8. Minor natu filius
9. Veste nuptiali

Motets with Medieval Attributions
10. Agmina milicie celestis omnia / Agmina
11. Homo, quam sit pura / Latus
12. In omni fratre tuo / In seculum
13. In veritate comperi / Veritatem
14. Laqueus conteritur / Laqueus contritus est
15. Venditores labiorum / Eius [or Domino]

Motets with Modern Attributions
16. Doce nos hodie / Docebit
17. Et exaltavi plebis humilem / Et exaltavi
18. Ex semine Abrahe / Ex semine
19. Ex semine rosa / Ex semine Abrahe / Ex semine
20. Flos de spina rumpitur / Regnat
21. Homo, quo vigeas / Et gaudebit
22. Latex silice / Latus
23. Manere, vivere / Manere
24. Memor tui creatoris / Et gaudebit (tentative attribution)
25. Mens fidem seminat / In odorem
26. Mors, a primi patris (doubtful attribution) / Mors, que stimulo / Mors, morsu nata / Mors
27. Mors, vite vivificacio / Mors (tentative attribution)
28. Non orphanum te deseram / Et gaudebit
29. Nostrum est impletum / Nostrum
30. O quam necessarium (tentative attribution) / Venditores labiorum (medieval attribution) / Domino [or Eius]
31. Serena virginum / Manere (tentative attribution)
32. Stupeat natura / Latus (tentative attribution)
33. Ypocrite, pseudopontifices / Velut stelle firmamenti / Et gaudebit

Motets with Doubtful Medieval Attributions
34. Doce nos, optime / Docebit
35. In salvatoris nomine / In veritate comperi (accepted medieval attribution) / Veritatem

Appendix: Four-Part Versions of Organum Prosulas
1. Vide prophecie—Homo, cum mandato / [:R]. Viderunt omnes
2. De Stephani roseo sanguine / [:R]. Sederunt
3. Adesse festina / [:V]. Adiuva me, domine