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Copyright Sharing and Permission for Use

Copyright Sharing
A-R Editions, Inc. extends to patrons of a library with a direct subscription as well as individual subscribers of any Recent Researches or Collegium Musicum series, limited permission to reproduce any part of an edition for study or performance. The copyright sharing policy applies if the following criteria are met:

  1. The material to be reproduced belongs to a series to which the library or individual has a direct standing order. Orders through third-party vendors and individual orders do not apply.
  2. The use is limited to personal study or not-for-profit performance.

To take advantage of the policy, simply request permission in writing from the publisher. Faculty members, students, and library patrons are invited to participate and may use the Copyright Sharing Form.

Permission for Use
For all other requests, please use our Permission/Rental Request Form (in MS Word), which you can send to If for some reason you have problems opening the Permission Form, please use this link for the PDF version of the document. (You will need Acrobat Reader, which is freely available from Adobe.)

E-mail James L. Zychowicz <>.