Salieri: Plenary Mass in C with Te Deum

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Antonio Salieri
Plenary Mass in C with Te Deum

Edited by Jane Schatkin Hettrick

C103 Salieri: Plenary Mass in C with Te Deum
978-0-89579-836-7 Full Score (2016) 11x17, xviii + 265 pp.
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The compositions presented in this edition make up Antonio Salieri’s most monumental work of liturgical music. Composed in 1799 for a peace celebration (which apparently did not take place), the pieces of the set were revised and their scoring greatly expanded for the 1804 service of thanksgiving (Dankfest) conferring the title of Emperor of Austria upon Holy Roman Emperor Franz II. The entire set consists of a plenary Mass in C with introit, gradual, and offertory, a Te Deum in D, and two verses of the hymn Tantum ergo. These compositions are remarkable in Salieri’s output of sacred music for several reasons: they are Salieri’s only works for double choir, they constitute a plenary or composite mass, and they are scored for an unusually large orchestra. These qualities also make this work a rarity in mass settings of the classical period.
Te Deum
Tantum ergo
Introit: Beata gens
Gradual: Venite gentes
Offertory: Cantate Domino
Agnus Dei