Selected Bicinia, vol. 1 (PART)

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
For the full score, see Sixteenth-Century Bicinia
Bicinia from Munich, Staatsbibiothek, Mus. Ms. 260, Volume 1: Two Soprano Voices or Instruments--PART (2nd edition)

Edited by Bruce Bellingham, Edward G. Evans, Jr.

R016P1-2E Selected Bicinia, vol. 1 (PART)
Instrumental Part(s) (2010)
Part (SS)
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The bicinia in these five volumes are especially prepared for practical performance by recorders or other instruments, as well as by voices. Chosen by Kevin D. P. McDermott for their superior musical interest, these pieces also accurately represent the contents of the original manuscript: ingenious movements from Franco-Flemish religious works, graceful Parisian chansons, and specifically instrumental duos. The entire collection is found in Sixteenth-Century Bicinia: A Complete Edition of Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Mus. Ms. 260, edited by Bruce Bellingham and Edward G. Evans, Jr.; and published by A-R Editions, Inc., as volumes 16–17 of the series Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance.
1. Canon Duo In carne vale, Anonymous 2. Ich seg adieu, Anonymous 3. Agnus Dei, Josquin des Prez 4. Le cuer de vous, Antonio Gardane? 5. In mynen zin heb ic, Anonymous 6. Ric god wien sal ic claghen, Anonymous 7. Souvent amour, Le Pelletier 8. Summi Regis sponsa digna, Antonius Barbe 9. Son ma donne le bruict, Anonymous 10. Et resurrexit, Antoine de Févin