Settings of "Ardo si," Part 1

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Settings of “Ardo si” and Its Related Texts, Part 1
Nos. 1–34

Edited by George C. Schuetze

R078-79 Settings of "Ardo si," Part 1
978-0-89579-349-2 Full Score (1990) 8.5x11, xlii + 187 pp.
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This edition offers material for a study of the relationship between poetry and music: all sixty-one extant musical settings (published between 1583 and 1678) of Guarini's poem "Ardo sì, ma non t'amo" and all thirty-four known settings of poems directly related to "Ardo sì," the most important of which is Lasso's risposta "Ardi e gela à tua voglia." Thirty-one of the "Ardo sì" settings are located in the anthology Sdegnosi ardori (RISM 1585/17), which is edited here in its entirety. For the twelve compositions that survive in incomplete sets of partbooks, missing voices have been editorially supplied. Several of the composers represented in this edition appear for the first time in a modern publication.
Settings of "Ardo si, ma non t'amo"
Orazio Vecchi
Filippo Nicoletti
Orazio Angelini
Philippe de Monte
Costanzo Porta
Marc'Antonio Ingegneri
Michele Varotto
Francesco Rovigo (2 settings)
Lelio Bertani
Jacob Regnart
Giovanni Cavaccio
Giorgio Flori
Gasparo Costa
Paolo Masnelli
Bernardino Mosto
Pietro Ragno
Victor Rai
Giulio Riccio
Leonhard Lechner
Franz Sales
Flavio Ricci
Orlande de Lassus (2 settings)
Johannes de Fossa
Antonio Morari
Gioseffo Ascanio (2 settings)
Phileno Cornazzani
Alberto Mossato
Ferdinand de Lassus
Rudolph de Lassus
Ferdinando Pagani
Giulio Gigli da Imola
Setting of "Amo te me non amas" (contrafactum)
Simone Molinaro
Setting of "Laudem te in aeternum" (contrafactum)
Settings of "Ardi, e gela à tua voglia"
Orazio Vecchi
Filippo Nicoletti
Philippe de Monte
Costanzo Porta
Marc'Antonio Ingegneri
Paolo Masnelli
Setting of "Ne ardor ne gelo mai"
Philippe de Monte
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