Severi: Salmi passaggiati (1615)

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Francesco Severi
Salmi passaggiati (1615)

Edited by Murray C. Bradshaw

B038 Severi: Salmi passaggiati (1615)
978-0-89579-158-0 Full Score (1981) 9x12, xix + 76 pp.
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Severi's virtuoso collection of ten embellished falsobordoni is an indispensable volume for understanding both the technique of early Baroque embellishment and the genre of the falsobordone. Information from Severi's own introduction to Salmi passaggiati is included here to shed light on the performance of this music.
Dixit Dominus. Primo tuono Ps. 109
Confitebor tibi Domine. Secondo tuono Ps. 110
Beatus vir. Terzo tuono Ps. 111
Laudate pueri. Quarto tuono Ps. 112
Laudate Dominum. Quinto tuono Ps. 116
Magnificat. Sesto tuono Magnificat Canticle. Luke 1
Nisi Dominus. Settimo tuono Ps. 126
In convertendo. Ottavo tuono Ps. 125
In exitu. Misto tuono Ps. 113
Miserere mei, Deus. Alcuni versi del Miserere sopra il falsobordone del Dentice Ps. 50
Miserere (Dentice, Lamentationi, 1593)
Miserere (Dentice, Capp. Sist. MS 205, ca. 1630)
Miserere (Dentice-Coya, Responsorii, 1622)
Tim Carter, Early Music, February 1984