Smith: Ode to the Passions

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Alice Mary Smith
Ode to the Passions

Edited by Ian Graham-Jones

N076 Smith: Ode to the Passions
978-1-9872-0333-2 Full Score (2019) 9x12, xvii + 302 pp.

Performance Parts

Keyboard-Vocal Score (2020)

Rental Parts (2021)
Set of 42 parts: 2222 2230 timp., cym. 66443 piano-vocal, errata
Alice Mary Smith (1839–84) was one of the few women composers in the early to mid-Victorian era to write in larger-scale genres. Moreover, she was able to have nearly all her works publicly performed. By 1878 Smith had turned her attention to works for chorus and orchestra: Ode to the Passions was the second of four choral pieces published before her untimely death.
The work closely follows the text of William Collins’s The Passions: An Ode for Music of 1746 and is in nine movements (some of which are linked), preceded by an orchestral introduction. Composed expressly for the Three Choir Festival held in 1882 in Hereford, it received wide acclaim and was subsequently performed in Bradford, in London (twice), and even reached Australia. Smith deliberately eschewed the harmonic language of the continental composers, and, no doubt because of this, her works fell out of popularity shortly after her death.
Ode to the Passions
No. 1. Introduction
No. 2. Fear, Anger, Despair
No. 3. Hope
No. 4. Revenge, Pity
No. 5. Jealousy
No. 6. Melancholy
No. 7. Cheerfulness
No. 8. Joy
No. 9. Love and Mirth
No. 10. O Music!