Smith: Preces, Festal Psalms, and Verse Anthems

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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William Smith
Preces, Festal Psalms, and Verse Anthems

Edited by John Cannell

R135 Smith: Preces, Festal Psalms, and Verse Anthems
978-0-89579-525-0 Full Score (2003) 8.5x11, xxiv + 144 pp.
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These works by William Smith (1603–45) demonstrate how a church musician and priest working in Durham Cathedral—in the north of England—tackled the problems posed by the gradual change from the polyphonic tradition to that of the early baroque. The rise in the 1620s of the High Church party, who wished to reform many aspects of the liturgy of Durham Cathedral, spurred William Smith and his colleagues to write quite elaborate and colorful music for the cathedral services, music that combined elements of the older and newer styles and set texts not previously given musical treatment. William Smith, although more conservative than some of his London-based contemporaries, such as Walter Porter, Simon Ives, and Henry and William Lawes, wrote in an attractively melodious manner, using expressive harmonies and rich, colorful part writing. His music is tastefully conceived and suitable for performance in both church and concert hall.
Preces and Festal Psalms
1. Preces [Set A in F]
2. Lord, Thou Art Become Gracious
3. The Lord Said unto My Lord
4. I Will Give Thanks unto the Lord
5. Awake Up, My Glory
6. God Be Merciful unto Us
Verse Anthems
7. Almighty and Everlasting God, We Humbly Beseech Thy Majesty
8. Grant, We Beseech Thee, Almighty God, That like
9. I Will Preach the Law
10. I Will Wash My Hands
11. My Heart Is Set
12. O God, Which Hast Taught
13. O Lord, Which for Our Sakes
Preces [Set B in G], Orlando Gibbons
John Morehen, Early Music, February 2004