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Smyth: Serenade in D Major for Orchestra

Smyth: Serenade in D Major for Orchestra
Ethel Smyth
Serenade in D Major for Orchestra
Edited by John L. Snyder
This publication includes a supplement, sold separately.

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Ethel Smyth’s first orchestral work, the Serenade in D Major for Orchestra, was composed in 1889 (and possibly early 1890) and was premiered at a Crystal Palace concert on 26 April 1890. The work was received well by the audience and garnered positive notices in the press. This critical edition is based on a photocopy of the autograph manuscript, now in the Royal College of Music Library, with reference also to a fair copy of the score, now in the British Library. The extensive critical notes document the changes made by the composer, as well as editorial and performance suggestions made by both the composer and August Manns, who conducted the premiere performance.
The present whereabouts of Ethel Smyth’s autograph score for her Serenade in D Major are unknown. This facsimile edition presents a photocopy of the score that was made, according to the label on the cover, in August 1993, and which is now in the Royal College of Music Library. The introduction to this edition includes a biographical sketch of August Manns, conductor of the premiere performance.
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