Songs in Times of Plague

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Songs in Times of Plague

Edited by Remi Chiu

R172 Songs in Times of Plague
978-1-9872-0510-7 Full Score (2020) 8.5x11, xxiv + 310 pp.
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Plague, an indiscriminate and deadly disease, was an important aspect of European intellectual and cultural life during the Renaissance. Perennial outbreaks throughout the period, both small and catastrophic, provoked changes and reactions in religion, medicine, government, and indeed, the arts—from literature, sculpture and painting, to music. This anthology brings together, for the first time, fifteenth- and sixteenth-century motets and madrigals, for three to six voices, written in response to plague. These pieces, with texts commemorating outbreaks and addressing holy figures and secular patrons, reveal how music was imbricated in the wider concerns of societies habitually caught in the grips of pestilence.
Motets for Sebastian
1. O beate Sebastiane, Johannes Martini, 4vv
2. O beate Sebastiane, Gaspar van Weerbeke, 4vv
3. O beate Sebastiane, Franchinus Gaffurius, 4vv
4. Fiat pax in virtute tua, Alessandro Coppini, 4vv
5. Sancte Sebastiane, Jean Mouton, 4vv
6. Armorum fortissime ductor, Adrian Willaert, 4vv
7. O quam mira refulsit, Nicolaus Olivetus, 4vv
8. Sebastianus, vir Christianissimus, Michael Deiss, 4vv
Motets for Mary and Other Holy Figures
9. Stella caeli extirpavit, Anonymous, 4vv
10. Stella caeli extirpavit, William Haute, 3vv
11. Virgo Dei digna, Gaffurius, 4vv
12. O Roche beatissime, Maistre Jhan, 4vv
13. Recordare Domine, Philippe Verdelot, 5vv
Madrigals of the 1576 “Borromean Plague” of Milan
14. Ecco il Santo Pastore, Giovanni Battista Porta, 5vv
15. Lacero tien San Carlo, Porta, 5vv
16. Santo Guerrier, Paolo Caracciolo, 5vv
17. Con qual chiave, Caracciolo, 5vv
18. L’aura serena, Caracciolo, 5vv
19. Canta Urania, Caracciolo, 5vv
Madrigals on the Death of Laura
20. Standomi un giorno, Orlando di Lasso, 5vv
21. Standomi un giorno, Jean de Castro, 3vv
22. Standomi un giorno, Rinaldo del Mel, 6vv
Remi Chiu is associate professor of musicology at Loyola University Maryland, specializing in early music and the history of medicine. He is the author of Plague and Music in the Renaissance (Cambridge University Press).