Martines: Dixit Dominus

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Marianna von Martines
Dixit Dominus

Edited by Irving Godt

C048 Martines: Dixit Dominus
978-0-89579-384-3 Full Score (1997) 9x12, xiii + 93 pp.

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Marianna von Martines (1744–1812) was highly regarded in her day as a composer of various kinds of music. She studied with Haydn, Bonno, and Porpora and, under the sponsorship of the renowned Padre Martini, and she became the first woman to be elected in any capacity to the Accademia Filarmonica Honorata. She composed the Dixit Dominus (1774) as her contribution in response to her election. This publication is the first critical edition of her Dixit Dominus, and the introduction by Irving Godt includes transcriptions of letters between Martines and Martini that deal with this work.
I. Dixit Dominus (tutti instrs., SSATB): Allegro spirituoso
II. Virgam virtutis tuae (fl. 1,2; vn. 1,2; va.; b.c.; SA solo): Andante
III. Tecum principium (fl.; vn. 1,2; va.; b.c.; A solo): [Andante]
IV. Juravit Dominus (ob. 1,2; vn. 1,2; va.; b.c.; SSATB): Adagio
V. Dominus a dextris tuis (ob. 1,2; vn. 1,2; va.; b.c.; SATB solo alts. with SATB tutti): [Andante moderato]
VI. Gloria Patri (vn. 1,2; va.; b.c.; SSATB): [Lento]
VII. Et in saecula (tutti instrs.; SSATB): [Moderato]
Jean-Paul Montagnier, Revue de musicologie 85 (1999): 381-82; Early Music Review, November 1997