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Staff List


Patrick Wall, President and CEO

Lance Ottman, Director of Publishing Services

Pamela Whitcomb, Director of Music Publications

James L. Zychowicz, Director of Special Projects

Sales and Marketing Contacts

Sandy Otto, Director of Sales (Music Publications)

John Hollenhorst, Authorized Representative (Publishing Services)

Heidi Pope, Marketing Coordinator

James L. Zychowicz, Permissions Manager

Other Staff

David Birchler, Senior Editor

Jeff Burdick, Music Engraver

Esther Criscuola de Laix, Editor

Alexander Dean, Editor

Bob Geiger, Music Engraver

Donna Gorman, Typesetter

Kyle Johnson, Production Assistant

Shawn Marie Keener, Editor

Frannie Lyons, Proofreader

Anne Miller, Project Manager

Danielle Pacha, Managing Editor

Ilana Schroeder, Assistant Editor

Judith Pasch, Administrative Assistant

Aileen Wall, Customer Service & Shipping


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