Staff Listing

General Contacts

Phone: 608-836-9000

Fax: 608-831-8200


Orders & Customer Service:


Rentals & Permissions:

Marketing & Publicity: 


Sales Contacts

Sandy Otto, Director of Sales

Lana Hale, Order Processing and Fulfillment


MLA Business Office


Phone: 608-836-5825



Patrick Wall, Owner & CEO

Pamela Whitcomb, President & Director of Music Publications

James L. Zychowicz, Director of Special Projects


Editorial Staff

Alexander Dean, Managing Editor (Recent Researches in Music manuscript submissions contact)

Esther Criscuola de Laix, Senior Editor (Underscore blog contact)

David Birchler, Editor (Recent Researches in Music proposals contact)

Alex Widstrand, Editor


Production Staff

Anne Miller, Production Lead

Frannie Lyons, Project Manager / Proofreader

Bob Geiger, Project Manager / Music Engraver

Jeff Burdick, Music Engraver