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Steffani: Twelve Chamber Duets

Agostino Steffani
Twelve Chamber Duets
Edited by Colin Timms
Steffani: Twelve Chamber Duets
Full Score (1987)
9x12, xxi + 125 pp.

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Although Steffani's chamber duets may be compared in historical importance and musical quality with Corelli's trio sonatas, few of them have ever been published. This edition, which is based on manuscripts compiled between ca. 1702 and 1709, includes twelve of the finest duets, scored for various combinations of voices with continuo.
Pria ch'io faccia altrui palese
Quanto care al cor voi siete
Ribellatevi, o pensieri
Su, ferisci, alato arciero
E perché non m'uccidete
E così mi compatite?
Saldi marmi, che coprite
Ravvediti, mio core
Vorrei dire un non so che
Occhi belli, non più
Begl'occhi, oh Dio, non più
Aure, voi che volate
Peter Holman, Early Music, Nov. 2004. (refers to A-R score in review of Timms's book, Polymath of the Baroque)
Michael Talbot, Music & Letters, April 1988
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