Sumaya: Villancicos from Mexico City

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Manuel de Sumaya
Villancicos from Mexico City

Edited by Drew Edward Davies

B206 Sumaya: Villancicos from Mexico City
978-1-9872-0202-1 Full Score (2019) 9x12, xliii + 231 pp.
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Recognized as the most significant composer from New Spain in the early eighteenth century, Manuel de Sumaya (ca. 1678–1755) oversaw musical activity at Mexico City Cathedral during a time of stylistic change. Sumaya, who was locally born and ordained as a priest, wrote music that mixes the counterpoint and rhythmic vigor of seventeenth-century Hispanic music with more modern Italianate gestures prescient of international taste in the eighteenth century. This edition of all thirty-four villancicos with music by Sumaya conserved in the Estrada Collection at Mexico City Cathedral reveals the expressive diversity and formal flexibility of the villancico in the 1710s and 1720s. Scored for one to twelve voices with basso continuo and sometimes violins, these pieces communicate theological, doctrinal, and historical ideas about St. Peter, St. Rose of Lima, the Virgin of Guadalupe, Christmas, Corpus Christi, and other celebrations of the Catholic Church. Complete translations of the baroque texts into English and commentary on historical performance practices included in the edition aim to facilitate revival of this key repertoire of colonial music.
Villancicos for One Choir
1. Alégrense los astros (TrTrA, B.c.)
2. Al solio que por erguido (TrTrAT, B.c.)
3. Aprended, rosas, de mi (TrTrT, B.c.)
4. Atiendan ¡qué portento! (AT, B.c.)
5. ¡Ay, cómo gime en el viento! (AA, B.c.)
6. Cerca de México el templo (AT, B.c.)
7. Dejó Pedro la primera (AT, B.c.)
8. Dios, sembrando flores (AT, B.c.)
9. Oíd, moradores del orbe (AT, 2 violins, B.c.)
10. Paces se han hecho (TrTr, B.c.)
11. Que os llama el sol, potencias (TrTrT, B.c.)
12. Sabio y amante fue Pedro (ATT, B.c.)
13. Silencio, que los cielos alegres (TrTrAT)
14. Ya la gloria accidental (T, 2 violins, B.c.)
Villancicos for Two Choirs
15. Acudid al despacho (TB+TrATB, B.c.)
16. La Bella Incorrupta (TrATB+TrATB, B.c.)
17. Un ciego que ver quería (TB+TrATB, B.c.)
18. En María la gracia (TB+TrATB, B.c.)
19. ¡Fuego! que se abrasa (TrATB+TrATB, B.c.)
20. Hoy sube arrebatada (TrTB, 2 violins, B, B.c.)
21. Lucientes antorchas (TrATB+TrATB, B.c.)
22. Moradores del orbe (TrATB+TrATB, B.c.)
23. ¡Oh, qué milagro! (TB+TrATB, B.c.)
24. Pues que triunfó (TB+TrATB, B.c.)
25. ¿Quién es aquella paloma? (AB+TrATB, B.c.)
26. ¿Quién es esta? (TB+TrATB, B.c.)
27. Si son los elementos (T+TrAT, 2 violins, B.c.)
28. Ya se eriza el copete (TB+TrATB, B.c.)
Villancicos for Three Choirs
29. Aplauda la tierra (TrATB+TrATB+TrATB, B.c.)
30. De las flores y estrellas (ATB+TrATB+TrATB, B.c.)
31. Hola, ha del mar pescadores (ATB+TrATB+TrATB, B.c.)
32. Que se anega de Pedro la nave (ATB+TrATB+TrATB, B.c.)
Incomplete Villancicos
33. Cielo animado en Guadalupe (AT)
34. ¡Qué inefable, qué raro! (ATT)
Drew Edward Davies is Associate Professor of Musicology and Chair of the Department of Music Studies at Northwestern University. Among his publications are Santiago Billoni: Complete Works (A-R Editions, 2011) and Catálogo d