Terzi: Lute Fantasias

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Giovanni Antonio Terzi
The Lute Fantasias

Edited by Suzanne Court

R123 Terzi: Lute Fantasias
978-0-89579-469-7 Full Score (2001) 8.5x11, xi + 145 pp.
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Giovanni Antonio Terzi, of whom little is know biographically, composed music collected in two important lute books published in Venice in 1593 and 1599. A large proportion of those books is given to intabulations of vocal music which are of considerable interest to both performer and scholar. However, the fantasias presented in this edition are some of the most accomplished of the generation after Francesco da Milano. They represent a last flowering of the lute fantasia in the imitative style often found with motets and, as a consequence demonstrate a debt to vocal forms and structures. The fantasias, canzona-fantasia, toccatas and prelude of this volume, presented in conventional notation and Italian tablature provide both performers and scholars access to exemplary examples of the late sixteenth-century solo fantasia genre.
Tablature of Libro primo; Transcriptions of Libro primo
1–6. Fantasias 1–6
Tablature of Libro secondo; Transcriptions of Libro secondo
7. i. Toccata [prima] del'autore
7. ii. In te Domine speravi, à 6 voci, di Claudio Merulo da Correggio
8. i. Preludio del'autore
8. ii. Fantasia [prima] del'autore
9. i. Toccata seconda del'autore
9. ii. Fantasia seconda del'autore
10. Fantasia terza del'autore
11. Fantasia [prima] in modo di canzon francese del'autore
12. Fantasia seconda in modo di canzon francese del'autore
13. Fantasia [La Diodatina] in modo di canzon francese del [Giosefo] Guami
14. Un'altra fantasia del detto [Giosefo Guami]
15. Fantasia in modo di canzon francese di Giovanni Gabrieli
16. Un'altra fantasia di Paolo Justi [Giusti]
17. Fantasia come di sopra [canzon francese] di Vicenzo Bellaver
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